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Many people have asked me just this question. How young is too young for Girls and Boys to have sex. I also get the question should there be an age limited for sex of young girls or boys. Well I will take this time to explain what I think. If you have any question please let us know, also please take our poll below about what you think. You may also add statements to our Guest book about what you think.
Question One: How Young is Too Young?:

I think that would depend on the person in question. Some Girls and Boys ages 11 have more sense than people in ther 20's. I think it really depends on how the person(s) involed can handle the whole thing. I believe every Sexual matter should be excepted by both parties. I do not believe in the rape or pushed sex on anyone no matter their age or sex. If we look at the past we will see that Girls use to get married before they were 12 and they grew up just fine. We can also look back at the past history and girls had children by the age of 12. I believe God made young girls have their Menstrual period at a certin time for a reason, if God had ment for girls to get married or have children after 18 years of age then why do most girls begin the growth to woman hood around 12 and some even younger than that. Why because girls were ment to get married and have children. So what is my answer?, I believe there is nothing wrong with a young lady having sex before 12 years of age. Girls got married at the ages of 10-15 years old up until the 1950's when the law changed it.
Question Two: Should there be an age limit?

Answer, Yes

There should be an age limit, but I think it should go by the girls Menstrual Period. If she reaches this by the age of 10 then she is able to have relations, if she reaches this at age 15 then she is ready. As I said before God gave girls a Menstrual Period around a certin age why? so that they can have children and a family. So a Girls First Menstrual Period should be the factor not age.
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