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The following codes were hacked by me, myself, and I (>$ilv3rfox<) using the program: Pokegen.
Please note I do give credit for the makers on Pokegen 100%.
These codes will only work for North American version of Pokemon Black and White.

Game ID for Pokemon Black: IRBO-106820a5 Game ID for Pokemon White: IRAO-0f0875fe

Justified Lucario
Profile Dex No.: 448 Name: Lucario Nickname: Lucario Type: Fight/Steel OT: Amy OT ID: 33953 OT SID: 04554 (not shown in-game) Level: 10 Held Item: None Nature: Brave Date Obtain: 4/16/2012 Location Obtained: Entree Forest Level Met: 10 Likes to thrash about. Stats HP: 35/35 Attack: 33 Defense: 19 Sp. Atk: 29 Sp. Def: 20 Speed: 22 Moves Detect (5/5) Metal Claw (35/35) Counter (20/20) Bullet Punch (30/30) Pokemon Box Location for code: Box 24 - Slot 24 Action Replay Code 94000130 FCFF0000 B2000024 00000000 E001897C 00000088 3DFF669F 83460000 56F8779B 8BB748C2 92118663 C5B4F393 D54E5047 BA6E5A93 2889EEFD 842AEDCB 43DCED7C E805798D 1DF9FB0D DFE6ABA5 853665A9 448BB2D7 2915C8F7 C041DED0 B0A5BDB9 06AE82FC CCEE6974 7FE12FEF 6D54289A BDEAB180 3452CC30 3D3FE446 969D187E 6D6F9A70 67495A80 76245E21 33D2BB4E E735AF48 E391187E 345DE63D D2000000 00000000 To activate this code, press L+R buttons in-game when you are not using the
Pokemon PC.