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Like most developing regions, Latin America provides the world with primary commodities. This site explores a very important export which is often taken for granted: sugar.


From its birth under colonial rule, sugar has played a bittersweet role in the economics, history, and politics of Latin America, and especially of the Caribbean.


Even today, this everyday product is tainted by protectionist policies favouring first-world producers, as well as inhumane treatment of the very force that drives the production of sugar: the workers.



The site contains two main parts:


~ Part I ~

A brief overview of some of the major economic and historical issues pertaining to the sugar industry



~ Part II ~

Case studies of three sugar-producing countries: Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic





This website was developed as a class project


- by


Caitlin Myles

Kimberly Munro

Nydia Dauphin

Viola Barnett


For ECON 314

Professor Myron Frankman

McGill University

April 11, 2005



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