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An Overview of Sugar


Sugar Cane

The most well-known source of sugar is sugar cane, the tall grass grown in tropical areas. What is less familiar to most people is the interesting voyage the plant took to reach most modern sugar-producing regions.


Sugar Beets

Sugar cane isnít the only source of sugar; sugar also comes from sugar beets, which are grown mainly in temperate regions.


Sugar in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 19th Century

The sugar industry contributed to and was affected by the turbulent political and historical dynamics of Latin America and the Caribbean in the 19th Century.


Sugar and Slavery

Sugar production was a major impetus for the slave trade in Latin America and the Caribbean; in fact, it is thought that without the forced labour of millions of captive Africans, the sugar industry would not have grown to the extent it did.


Economic Policies Pertaining to International Sugar Trade

Economic policy plays a huge and very personal role in the lives of sugar producers in developing countries; what is surprising about current policies in the world sugar trade is that they benefit mainly the developed-world producers of sugar beets, and not the developing-world sugar-cane growers, who possess a comparative advantage in sugar production.

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