Spencerís Story -
(& Mason's now, too)

Mason was just diagnosed in the fall - 2003

  • Autism is a life long disabilty.
  • Autism is the third most common developmental disorder -
    More common than Downs Syndrome.
  • Today, one in every 150 children will have some type of autism spectrum disorder.
  • Autism effects many people of different races, ethnic backgrounds, and social classes.
  • While people with autism share some common characteristics -
    each has their own unique strengths and challenges.

Spencer - normal at birth and thriving - regressed
into the world of Autism after his 15 month check-up.
He lost all his speech, all his play skills, and all his comprehension.

Diagnosed at 3 1/2 years of age - it was later found that
he was given over 250 micrograms of Thimerasol in his child vaccines. -
Treating him for Mercury posioning proved to be very benificial in his healing.

In 2002 - He was also diagnosed with "measles-induced-colitis"
exactly like the works of Dr. Andrew Wakefield had found
in a subset of children with regressive autism.

Treating Spencer's colitis has brought tremendous gains to Spencer
and the entire family unit as a whole.
Though Spencer is not "recovered" he
continues to make gains in his road to recovery.

Put Children First Website

Mason, diagnosed summer of 2003, is higher functioning.
He does have speech but it is echolalic in nature.
He has a savant like memory and loves computer games.
He began reading at a beginners level when he was just three years old.

Recent results showed that he too suffers from Mercury poisoning
even though he only had three vaccines with Thimerasol in them.

  • I have lots of information posted there about GREAT email support groups, various treatments, therapies we are using (including CHELATION), other autism links, and Spencerís progress updates. (and Mason too.)
  • To see other Spencer & Mason photos please click on this link: Spencer Photos


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