mishashoo (9:53:29 PM): ahh. we're taking up hamlet now
mishashoo (9:53:40 PM): and you know what, i think im a bit like hamlet
mishashoo (9:53:47 PM): i think too much.
mishashoo (9:54:06 PM): im not much of an action/risk taker/impulsive kind of person

Wasnt Hamlet impulsive enough when he struck Polonius hiding behind the tapestry? Or when you said "i think too much" maybe you where referring to when he had the oppurtunity to kill Claudius but chose not too since Claudius was praying and asking for repentance. Killing someone in a state of grace must have indeed been mercy. Well credits to his deep thinking and drive for revenge.

After reading Hamlet the only thing that stuck with me were incest and misogyny. "Frailty, thy name is woman". I mean Gertrude does paint an ill picture towards women. Having tasted power i guess she chooses not to surrender her status quo and marries the brother of her husband. She's a queen smeared with the paint of seduction like every other girl in my english class. I feel like shouting "harlot in her debauchery". Kinda off topic but i find every girl in America dressed as a whore of Babylon. The daughters of Jezebel surround me everyday, then again maybe the Philippines is too conservative and America is alot more liberal. Its all based on perspective.


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    Was that what Shakesphere's main idea? Maybe that was what I wanted to hear lol. Anyways its just an opinion and no one cares. Its all jiberish and random thoughts, it's all good :)