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The Savanna Region

The Savanna region of africa has fourteen to twenty inches of rainfall on average each year. In the Northern Savanna the tempature is usually between sixty to seventy degrees, while in the the Southern part the tempature is from seventy to the mid eighties. Of the many African savannas, the Serengeti is most well known for its massive herds of wildebeest, gazelle and zebras. It is also home to one of the highest amounts of large predators in the world. Here, lions and hyenas rarely go hungry. From the grass-grazing zebras to tall herbevors like the giraffe and elephant, each of the Serengeti's wildlife makes the most of all available food sources. The Savanna streches over then thousand miles through Kenya, and is very much a level area. In this area you will find mainly a grassland with some very small area of tropical mountian forest.

The picture to the left is of a Wildebeest, their population as of 1982 is about 1.3 million. The animal to the right is of a male lion, as of 1982 their population is about 2,800.
What to Pack
If you are traveling to the Northern Savanna then you can wear whatever you would like. If traveling to the Southern Savanna I suggest that you bring shorts and a T-Shirt of the most comfort. As always, you will need to bring a hat and a pair of sun glasses.
The real attraction, like the Sahel, are the safari tours. People come form all over the world to take these magnificant tours of the wild. The only real dangers are encounterd on the safari. Animals are not known to attack, but if provoked they will.

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