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About RedDog

About the Artist

Name : Chrissy

Location : Ohio

Birthday : November 26, 1979

Height : 5'5

Hair Color : Reddish-blonde with a little bit of brown

Eye Color : Hazel green

Hobbies : Drawing, cooking, and reading : )

Favorite Color : Blue (closely followed by purple and green)

About the name that I go by : The name "Red Dog" goes back to when I was very young and it was a nickname of mine given to me by my Grandparents. It was also the signature name that I put on my drawings when I was a child.

AIM user name : Redyote

I was born in St.Louis, Missouri. My Grandparents raised me since my birth mother wasn't able to. I have been drawing ever since I could remember and I always drew animals, usually dogs and horses. My family loved my work and encouraged me to continue with my art.

In 1999 I moved from St.Louis to Dayton, Ohio. This year I have started college and I am majoring in Fine Arts. I want to continue drawing anthro art but I would also love to do any type of wildlife art since I have always appreciated it. I want to continue being a free lance artist.

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My Furry code:

My Furry Code
FCCh3ad A++++$ C- D- H+ M- P++ R+ T++++ W- Z- Sf- RLA a cn++ d? e+ f++ h++++ iwf+ j* p+ sf**