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One Master- Christ
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Friday, 30 April 2004
Do not let the theif in !!!
One Master Click
Neither be ye called masters: for one is your master, even Christ. Mathew 23:10

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10

"To whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."John 6:68.
Of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:3
Jehovah [YHVH] God has given all judgement to his Son Jesus Christ.John 5:19-30.
"Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say?"Luke 6:46. Jesus was speaking to some among those who would identify themselves as being his people; or "Christian". Can anyone who adds to or takes away from the sayings of "the truth and the way and the life" really be appointed by God? Many claim to be.But rather than accepting their claim, should we not rather compare their leadings and direction and teaching to that of our ONE true master, Christ? Mathew 23:8.
Jesus said,"All that ever came before me are theives and robbers".John 10:8. Isaiah was on earth before Jesus came. So were all the prophets; even John the baptist came before Jesus.Obviously,what Jesus was saying was that all who come before me, in the sense of seeking to put themselves before him, or to take his place, are theives and robbers. And indeed they are! Of the WORSE sort. Often very litteraly. But most importantly and worst of all they seek to steal men's souls by replacing God's own Son with themselves ;and his words with their own.This is the very aim of the devil himself!
A servant is not greater than his master, but he who is perfect shall be as his master. Luke 6:40

Isnt it amazing? Jesus had no money, no transportation, slept outside, and traveled from place to place.But you have a better way?You are more advanced and refined? Without a doubt the one who is truly greatest in the kingdom of God is he who is most like the master,in heart and deed; and who seek to follow him, and live his example as closely as possible.This one will recieve more from the master. More in this time; in knowledge and understanding, and in revelations concerning his word.Let's continue.

"Take heed therefore how ye hear: to whomsoever hath, to him shall be given;and whosoever hath not,from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have." Luke 8:18. Can we see the importance of closely paying attention to all of Jesus's words, espeacially in light of the fact that the devil is decieveing the whole world,and is working through men, and is a master of deception? Rev. 12:9,14.."Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit. after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of this world, and not after Christ." Colossians 2:8.

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life;no man cometh unto the father, but by me." John 14:6

The way. In a world of many religions; many in fact claiming to be "Christian", but all differing from one another, Jesus's words, "I am the way" puts things into focus.Why all the different churches? Why all the great buildings and finacial holdings? Why all these people dressed up in bussiness attire. We have only ONE master.True Christians will refuse accept any other.HIS disciples are ALL brothers.Mathew 23:8. "I dwell in the high and the Holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit..." Isa. 57:15.

The truth . We find ourselves in a time fast approaching the Lord's day, the time of the end.The heavens will be cleansed, and the devil and his angels will be cast out into to earth.Read Revelation 12:7-12. At this time a global world government, ( the "new world order". Hitler also attempted it. He called it the "new order"), will pretend to be the actual Kingdom of God on earth.(more on this later)(compare 2 Thes.2:3, and Daniel 11:36-39.)It will have total control over the resources and commerce of the world.A cashless world society has been in the planning by the world's think tank for some time.Imagine. No more illegal drug money. No more countefeit.No more money from prostitution.Microchip implants or other technology can make identity theft almost impossible.The scripture says, In order to buy or sell at that time, all men will be required to recieve the "mark of the beast"(or the image of the beast).It also says that anyone not worshipping the beast should be killed.Rev.3:15-17. .Those doing so, are in actuality worshipping the devil himself,(Rev. 13:4) for the scripture says that "the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority." Revelation 13:2. The dragon refered to is the devil . Read Rev.12:9. Certainly any and all who claim to be Christian would refuse such a thing. Would they not? Apparently not. For the devil has sown his tares in amongst the wheat.Mathew 13:5,39. Are we prepared? Jesus , who really loves us and wants us to know the truth, wants us to be ready.He will not tell us any lies and he does not want us to be caught unawares."But beware of men" he says.Mt. 10:17."The thief cometh not, but for to steal and to kill and to destroy." John 10:10. Jesus constantly tells his followers to watch! He says, "Watch therefore:for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up." Mathew 24:42,43. Watching, his followers know, not only means to watch the signs of the times, but also to pay close attention to his words.Promises of being wisked off the planet or some other miracle for "our church" or "organisation" before the time of judgement ,if found unfounded by the word of God, will no doubt cause many to be caught unawares, and totaly unprepared for that which God's word has plainly stated all along. Certainly ANY man who puts his own words before the words of our Lord, may well fit the description of thief , with the outcome of many being lulled to sleep, and into a spiritually unprepared and unclean state,and therefore exposed to the wrath of God,all because of not heeding the words of our Lord , as we approach his great day of reckoning .These are the aims and desires of the Devil. And those who seek to mislead the sheep are nothing more than his agents.No matter how good they may appear or what claims they may make for themselves.Compare Mathew 23.

"And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other ." Mathew 24:31.

THIS is the same "trump" that paul spoke of at 1 Cor 15:52.The same word in the greek.It is also the seventh trumpet of revelation.This is what many refer to as the "rapture".That word is not in the scriptures, but many use it in describing Pauls words at 1 Thes.4:18, of being,"caught up together... in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air." When will this occur? Please pay close attention to the prophesy.If we begin reading at Mathew 24:29 we will see that Jesus is speaking about "after the tribulation of those days".Mark 13:24-27 says the same.Please read.Revelation 11:15-18 also points to this time when christ's reign begins, and the reward is given to his servants.The meeting the Lord in the air, as first Thesalonians reads, will occur for the "little flock" of Jesus's true disciples and brothers.It will occur after the "great tribulation" and not before, as is widely taught among those who profess Christianity.Instead we must keep alert and awake, "that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."Luke 21:36.Let us not be decieved.Jesus is the one who loves us and died for us. He is our king. He is the one telling us the truth.Let's pay close attention to him!

Since the gathering together of the saints occurs AFTER what is widely refered to as "the great tribulation", and they will not be raptured away beforehand, as many suppose,what will happen to the saints or chosen ones during this great time of trouble?

First notice, that in revelation 12, that when the devil is hurled down to earth by Michael and his angels,resulting in the greatest time of trouble the earth has ever seen."Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea, for the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Rev. 12:12.(Mt.24:21),the first thing he does is to persecute the woman which brought forth the man child. Verse 13.In verse 17 it further states that he "went to make war with the remnant of her seed WHICH KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, AND HAVE THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST." This is his first agenda.

So instead of God's true servants being outside of all danger, they will be right in the middle of it. The objects of the devils wrath in fact.WHAT should we do? Jesus says,"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy place... Surely this is speaking in reference to that Kingdom of antichrist; the global government that claims to be the Kingdom of God.(compare 2 Thes.2:3, and Daniel 11:36-39) It is an abomination! It has the Devil as it's head, who had always sought for and coveted God's position and authority.He SHALL be destroyed with the brightness of Christ's coming.2 Thes. 2:8.But at the moment we see this abomination of desolation standing in the Holy place, we are not to hang around.Things are going to get very serious! And if we have not been following Christ and paying attention to his words, in what direction will we run.Well, the devil's desire is that out of fear and panic we run into his evil arms for the safety of our lives."Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it." Luke 17:33 But those who are discreet and have their lamps in order will know what to do. But the foolish who have not properly valued the words of Jesus, and built their house upon the sand, will collapse at this time,"Into the arms of Satan."And every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand... and it fell: and great was the fall of it"Mt. 7:26,27.They may have made claims all along of being discreet,but their foolishness will be shown , with the total collapse of their house at the time of God's judgement. (Please read Mathew 24:39--25:13.)KJV.Christs instructions to his followers, living when he gave this prophesy, was to flee to the mountains, and not look back. Just as Lot was instructed before the end of Sodom, and Gommorah.There is nothing but trouble in store for the "Society" of mankind from this point forward. Because of the intensive persecution hurled against those who know and speak the truth, and because of not being able" to buy or sell",as a result of refusing to accept the mark of the beast, Jesus's sheep will flee the established society, will be no part of it, and will finally find that Jesus did set the perfect example for us , and that HE has told us the truth all along, and is the way to life, everlasting life! From that time on, we will live every day in faith,with no certain dwelling place, and in the footsteps of our great master, Jesus Christ, and pray to our Father in Heaven for our daily bread!

As Jesus said, "The Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head."All who are true to God will find themselves in a simialr position at that time. This is a time of testing. By FIRE! "Pray always, that you might be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man."Lu. 21:36.

The fact is, Jesus followers have always been instructed to follow this path, the path that he walked while on earth as the Son of David. Listen to the words of Jesus:

"Fear not little flock ; for it is your fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell that you have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.Luke 12:33 But many will say, "but that was a long time ago; things are different now.You must have a job, a place to live,nice cloths, and go to church every week." Is this not what almost every church teaches it's members? But Jesus shows that HIS words are for all his true friends and brothers, even up til the time of his return. Next he says, "Let your loins be girded about and your lights be burning; And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding ; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them." That these were his instructions for his true followers ever since he gave them,for he further says, "And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants." Yes, who really is a faithful and wise servant? They have existed ever since Jesus came to this earth, and they have paid keen attention only to HIS words! For he is their master!"Cursed be the man that trusteth in man" Jer.17:5."Cease Ye from man,whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?" Isa. 2:22. "Verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity." Pslm.39:5.

They may not have had fame or the noriety of this world, but remember,"the last shall be first, and the first last." Mt.20:16. For God has chosen the things which are not, to bring to nought the things that are."1 Cor:1:28 And that is exactly what will happen, as Jesus says, "And he that overcometh, and keepeth MY works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he will rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessel of a potter will they be broken to shivers: even as I recieved of my father." Rev 2:26,27.

There is a very good reason why Jesus gave the instructions he did to the seventy he sent out.As well as to the twelve. "Take nothing for your journey" Lk.9:3. And to us? "Let him which is on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house:...For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever will be." Mathew 24:17-21

There have been those who were wise and discreet all down through christian history, who paid attention the the path of the master, and followed his instructions, but at the time of the end, all who would survive both spiritually and literaly will have to know the full meaning of the precious words or the Lord Jesus Christ, "I am the way and the truth and the life.No man cometh unto the father but by me."

" Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and great earthquakes in diverse places, and famines, and pestilences;." Luke 21:11

Many feel that these words of Jesus are describing what is now happening in this world.Some may feel it is describing the sword stroke that the beast recieves just before he comes to his full power. But if we examine many scriptures in the old testament with similar wording, they always point to Gods judgement and punishment, and not something stretched out over a long period of time coming and going. Nor is it simply a sword stroke, which is simply an injury suffered by an instrument of warfare.Here is a list of some old testament verses with very similar wording to the words of Jesus .They must be read! "He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence."Jeremiah 21:7,9. "And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, til they be consumed from off the land that I gave unto them..." 24:10. And many more! 25:29. 27:8,13. 29:17,18. 32:24. 34:17. 38:2. 42:17,22. Ezekiel 6:11. 7:15. 14:21."The sword is with out, and pestilence and famine within." Ez. 7:15 .

"For he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye."Zechariah 2:8.

It is very interesting that in luke 21, after Jesus mentions these signs,he goes on to say, "But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synogogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name sake." Lk. 21:12.The exact thing Jesus experienced leading to his death.

Could these signs Jesus gave of nation against nation,etc, be God's reaction to the persecusion of his people? Touching the apple of God's eye? Looks like it.In fact from Revelation 16 we see that the great kingdom of the beast is quickly beset by plagues, resulting in their kingdom becoming "full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain".Is this not God's reaction to the persecusion of those he loves; to the kingdom of "the dragon, who was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed"?

Further in Revelation 11, God gives power unto his two witnesses "to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophesy: and have power over water to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will." Without rain,crops die and there is no harvest, resulting in hunger and famine.One of the signs Jesus gave."And to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will".Pestilence! And power over waters to turn them into blood, may very well mean great bloodshed as in wars; the waters representing, "peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues" "nation against nation" Read Revelation 17:15. These two wittnesses are given power to "prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, dressed in sackcloth".No man will hurt them,for "fire proceedeth out of their mouth and devoureth their enemies: and if any man hurt them, he must in this manner be killed."So Satan and those of his Kingdom are forced to pay attention to our GREAT God YHVH, and listen to the words of his prophets, just as Pharoah of Egypt had to give heed to God's decrees as spoken by his prophet Moses.Is this not God's reaction towards those who are "touching the apple of his eye",His precious children, whom he loves? Could this not be the way that the earth "swallows up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth", in slanderous hatred and persecution of God's servants who love the truth and will not depart from it? Certainly the wind is taken from their sails, when they must turn their very serious attention to all the troubles plaguing their kingdom,the "earth"; Wars, famines and pestilences! As well as earthquakes.Will their flood not be therefore "swallowed up"?
God's reaction is quick and immediate, just as if someone put their finger in his eye.Those who submitted and bowed before the beast, will pine away and begin to feel the great folly of their self survival wisdom,["And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death will flee from them"] while God demonstrates his love for his own that he loves and that love him."And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noiseome and grievious sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them that worshipped his image." Rev. 16:2.

The same senario is spelled out in the bible book of Habakkuk.We read at Habakkuk 3:13..."Thou went forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine annointed... they came out as a whirlwind to scatter me: their rejoicing was as to devour the poor secretly."

Still, this will prove a time of great testing for all who would survive through this greatest time of tribulation the world has ever seen. But who will these be?

"And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD(YHVH), two parts shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. And I will bring them through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they will call on my name, and I will answer them:" Zechariah 13:8,9.

Certainly to pass through the fire of Gods judgement is something that will have a refining effect on all who pass through it.It may involve great hardships and a great deal of suffering.But this is Gods way of purifying.For whom Jehovah loves, he chasteneth.Heb.12:6.

"But they that escape of them shall escape, and shall be on the mountains like doves of the valleys, all of them mourning,every one for his iniquity." Ezekiel 7:16

All who seek victory over the beast, religious or no,can call on the name of YHVH and follow his only-begotten son at his time.Jesus can discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart. "and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears". Neither will he lead the blind into a pit." And I will lead the blind by a way that they knew not...I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16. "For if ye were blind, ye should have no sin."God doesnt count blindness as sin. "In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my Gospel." Rom. 2:16.Jesus said, "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." But he said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit...Blessed are they that mourn...Blessed are the meek...Blessed are those which do hunger and thirst after righteousness...Blessed are the merciful, and much more! Mathew 5: God knows.Jesus is a perfect judge. A third (Zech.13:8,9.) is alot more than many have supposed.But remember what Jesus said," The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few." Luke 10:2 How we can rejoice in this! Some will find fault saying, "These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day." Jesus replies, "So the last shall be first, and the first last;" Luke 10:12&16. Beware of false spiritual pride.Those whom we may count as beyond hope and way beneath us,God may one day give his Holy Spirit to, that they may be wholly clean and may be first in the Kingdom before us.Each one of us are different, and God knows better than any of us the right time and way to manifest himself to those dear sheep of his, whose time is yet come, to know him! Many right hearted persons have steered way clear of anything "Christian" after seeing the gross hypocracy, mind control,murder, homosexuality, and crimes committed in the name of Christ! May God Bless them! No more traditions of men to divide and confuse and put false fears into God's sheep! All the unrighteous church (traditions of men) restictions and "rules" will be removed. Listen to Isaiah's call, you "Shephards"!... "Enlarge the place of thy tent , and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations; spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes. Fear not; for thou shall not be ashamed:" Isaiah 54:2,3.

Think of John the Baptist, living completely in the wild, eating locusts and wild honey.Think of the prophets and all they lived through and all they suffered. "They were stoned, they were sawn usunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword:they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented, (Of whom the world was not worthy) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in the dens and caves of the earth." Jesus who was "more than a prophet" also" hath not where to lay his head".Also Paul's experience of," no certain dwelling place" 1 Cor.4:11. History tells us that all the apostles in fact, followed in Christs steps and suffered likewise. So God is going to train us. He's going to teach us. If we would be willing. If we take a look at all the true servants of God, how different are their lives than what we see throughout "Christian" churches! Why all the money and cars? Why all the shaved faces, and clean cut hair. From all appearances they are following lawyers and bankers and not the Holy Son of God. Why?The article on "The Mystery Harlot" gets into that...

How TRUE Jesus words will prove to be at this MOST critical time, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven." Mathew 19:24 And "whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:33. But Remember! "With God All things are possible ." Mathew 19:26

"I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God."Revelation 15:2.

"As ye have therefore recieved Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him."In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit. after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of this world, and not after Christ." Colossians 2:6,3,8.

The image of the beast

The image of the beast The image of the beast

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. Revelation 13:15

Some may suppose that the image of the beast is referring to a global and political entity, such as the United Nations.And that all men will worship this entity. But ,I believe a deeper study of the word of God, will reveal more.

Men, espeacially in so called democratic nations, do not take kindly to the forced worship of the State. Even in Communist China, Pictures of Mao Tse Tung were hung up throughout the land, giving the citizens an image to focus on, something with a personality they could relate to on a human level. Worship implies devotion with underlying religious tones.Further examination of scriptures from God's holy word reveals the true nature of this image , I believe.

Paul's words found at 2 Thessalonians 2:4, speak of the man of sin, the son of perdition, " Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God , or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God." Now here is something that can be worshipped, espeacially if people believe that this is "GOD". Just as Satan had entered into Judas, it appears this "son of perdition" ,Satan himself, will actually possess this one (man) and seat himself in the temple of God, over in Jerusalem which the Bible calls, "the city of the great King".Mathew 5:35.That is what he always wanted , isn't it? To take God's position and authority? I believe the false doctrine of the trinity in fact was inserted into church doctrine from an early age for this very reason, In fact. Jesus never said he was GOD (John14:28), but this entity, who in all probability will claim to be Jesus returned, will claim to be Amighty God himself, and most "Christians" believeing the trinity doctrine, will swallow it whole, stroking the devil's ego, and fullfilling the words of Paul.Satan never wanted to be equal with Jesus; he wanted to take God's place.The real "mystery" of the trinity revealed! But who is it that is working to set up this abomination? Looking to history, recorded in God's holy word, offers us some very revealing clues.

In the third chapter of Daniel, the ancient King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar,is recorded to have made an image of gold in the plain of Dura, that was to be worshipped by all those of his kingdom. And any "whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace".Daneil 3:6. Notice the similar words at Revelation 13:15. "That the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." The number of the beast is 666. The dimentions of the image Nebuchadnezzar set up is 60 cubits high, and 6 cubits broad.Probably a man's image. Coincidence. I think not.God is seting up a parallel here for all seekers of truth to learn something. What is that? It has to do with the modern day "mystery", "Babylon the Great", and her identity. Please read the article ,"The Mystery Harlot".It is modern day Jewery and Israel( where our Lord was also crucified, rev.11, Jerusalem) who now fit the descriptions of "Babylon the Great".And as Daniel writes, "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him." Dan. 11:45.

So even as the ancient King of Babylon sets up his image for worship, so does modern day Babylon (Israel) set up their image for worship, their false Messiah.This is to make their world conquest complete! So here you have the returned Christ, their long awaited Messiah,who they now recognize, ruling from their temple in Jerusalem, with the Jews back in their homeland. The deception cannot get much better, can it? He will claim to be Christ and more, he will claim to be almighty God himself,sitting in the temple of God; something the devil has sought from the very beggining of his rebellion.But this one that the devil possesses is just a man.(for it is the number of a man.) Rev.13:18. God's perfect number of 7 (seven stars, seven churches, seven angels), just cannot be reached by Satan, no matter what he does. He just doesn't measure up.But the delusion will be so strong, so convincing, so enguIfing, that it will be very difficult not to be swept away with it. "And they worshipped the dragon(satan) which gave power to the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?" rev. 13:4. It is also worship of the beast in that the global political system will be used and empowered by this false Messiah to rule the world.When we see this "abomination of desolation standing where it ought not", Mark 13:14...(.in the holy place) it is time to flee!! ...

"And thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased!

The LORD YHVH hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers. He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and none hindereth.

The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing. Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee,, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us.

Hell from beneath is moved for thee at thy coming (the coming of the messiah- false): it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. And they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as us?

Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high.

Yet thou shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee will narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the MAN that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?.......

the seed of evildoers shall never be renouned. Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

For I will rise up against them, saith YHVH of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith YHVH." Isaiah 14:4-22

The battle between Satan and Jesus the Christ was also illustrated in the showdown between David and Goliath. Jesus was often spoken of by God prophetically as "my servant David" (Jeremiah 30:9,Ezekiel 37:24). Goliath, a giant ,and champion for God's enemies, measured six cubits, and a span in height; and had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.( 1 Chronicles 20:6) Reminding us again of the number 666.A man's number.

David speaks to all as he says, "And all this assembly shall know that the LORD (YHVH) saveth not with the sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S (YHVH),and he will give you into our hands." 1 Samuel 17:47.

Paul says of this son of perdition, playing the part of "God", "And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the sprit of his mouth, and destroy with the brightness of his coming." 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

"And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth." 1 Samuel 17:49

Yes indeed; as it was long ago stated,"And I will put emnity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it (the woman's seed, Jesus) shall bruise thy head(the serpent, satan's head), and thou shalt bruise his heel." Genesis 3:15

Paul's words found at 2 Thessalonians 2:4, speak of the man of sin, the son of perdition, " Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God , or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God." Just as Satan had entered into Judas, it appears this "son of perdition" ,Satan himself, will actually possess this one (man) and seat himself in the temple of God, over in Jerusalem which the Bible calls, "the city of the great King".
When Christ was on earth, as it is written, "He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not." John 1:10. He really had no home in this wicked world.Even as a child living with his mom and his foster father Joseph, still he considered his fathers house the temple in Jerusalem; for he was not from this world or of this world; he belonged with his father, and the Temple in Jerusalem was the center for worship of his Father, and his only home on this earth was with his Father. Further,"All things that the Father hath are mine." John 16:15. So yes, the devil may have the whole world, so to speak, but NOT the house of my Father !!! That is why Jesus was so zealous in cleaning out his fathers house! That is one thing he could not and would not endure! The Zeal for my father's house hath eaten me up!!! "My house is the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." Luke 19:46. Will a man rob God? Malachi 3:8 The false teachings of the Parisees and the defiling of the Temple was indeed robbing God. Of his Holiness. Of the Truth. And so this is also an illustration as to what Jesus will do when "he (Satan) as God sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God."
"I have long time holden my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: NOW will I cry like a travailing women. I will destroy and devour at once." Isaiah. 42:14 The LORD shall go forth as a mighty a man of war; he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies."vs 13. "Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgement to the gentiles." vs.1.
"For his device is against Babylon, to destroy it; because it is the vengeance of the LORD, the vengence for his temple." Jeremiah 51:11
Judgment begins with the house of God. God's temple. My father's house!
And the ten horns that thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore,(Babylon) and make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her fleah, and burn her with fire.For God hath put it into their hearts to fulfil his will.Revelation 17:17,18.

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