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Photos have been collected from a number of sources.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

"Four Generations of Long Men"
Photo provided by "Charlotte Howell Berry and Evelyn Long Curtis"

James Monroe Long, his son Henry Jackson Long, his son Russell Garland Long, who is holding his son Thomas Jackson Long. Photo was taken in 1919 in Hempstead Co. Arkansas.

James Cullwell Meridith

Martha Mae Meridith

Barney Elzworth Meridith

Cora Florence (Meridith) Greer and son

Allen Cull Meridith

Charles Henry Meridith

Lee Meridith

Louisa E. (Meridith) Greer

J. Marsen Meridith

Martha Mae (Meridith)Parker <--------> Aaron Oren Parker

John L. Meridith

Alf M. Meridith