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Friday, 2 July 2004
The Sport Of Paintball
Paintball is life to some people, like me. But those who don't participate, have a far different life than those who play it. Paintball is played like a wargame...once your shot, you are out (or killed.) The game is actually the closest you can get to actual combat, other than airsoft. I know of this because of my experience, and playing on my team called Contra. But everyone can play paintball, but it can be a very dangerous game if not played properly, such as not wearing your mask, or not having your safety on when not playing.....could lead to an unsuspecting surprize. Most of the youth have taken in this next generation sport, and have played on their own. Yet, it is still more fun to play with equal teams.


Most times that you play, the game is called speedball. Speedball is played with 2 teams of 5 (or however many people are playing) who are out to elimenate the opposing team. This is the most common form of Paintball.
Another game is called Capture The Flag. The goal is just as the title implies, to capture the opposing teams flag, without getting elimenated. The easiest way that I have found to play this is to elimenate the entire opposing team for an instant victory.
Another game that I have also played is called King Of The Hill. The goal in this game is to either defend a hilltop, or take over hilltop, depends on which side you are playing. The basic motion of the attackers is to just charge up the hill, and the defenders just stand strong. It is played with even teams.

Game Or War?
Many have asked this question, and the answer is unknown. To some, it is a war, and they play it that way. And to others, it is a game, who play for fun. To me, I play it both ways, along with my friends and team...we play seriously and strategicly, and still try to have some fun. Most don't see how that can work, but the point of the game is to have fun. Leave your opinion of Paintball, and it will be posted...Thank you, and I hope you like my information.

Posted by ar3/mybackyardarsenal at 12:58 AM EDT
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