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Every bird infestation is a unique challenge, as numerous variables are ivolved. Besides obvious differe=nces (bird type, infestation size, structure type and physical location) environmental factors make it impossible to state installations "rules".

Birds are creatures of habit, and they will try to reclaim their areas immediately after installation. While they will be quickly discouraged, they will seek alternate areas. Therfore i treated infested and non-yet infested areas. If biords are routed from their original location only to move to a nearby untreated area, all efforts will have been in vain. i cleaned and disinfected the infested areas of nests, debris, gutter-debris, hollows no flaw exists so bird may find it and infest. I treated loovers, eaves, ledges, sills, gutters, pipes, beams, trusses, roofs, roof perimeters, chimneym, ridge and all necesary spots. These are quality full servies that i offer in bird repelling.

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Why Control Birds?

  • Droppings are unsightly, unappealing, and render walking surfaces underfoot slippery and dangerous.
  • Birds and their droppings creat unsanitary conditions and can cause over 60 transmissible (some even potentially fatal) diseases.
  • Droppings cost money. Cleaning crews, related equipment, and time spent can generate large financial outlays unrecoverable by revenues.
  • Birds are distractive to property, equipment and merchandise, any of which can lead to large financial losses. They deface roof tops, floors, walls, ehicles, and equipment. They halt operations and make repairs necessary by entangling themselvs in machinery or downing powerlines. They spoil inventory by eating spillage, contaminating pallets of food, drugs, or chemicals, or by bombarding aircraft and other durable goods with uric acidic excrement. They nibble at, or even tear out insulation. The corrosive effect of droppings cause irreversible damage.
  • * USDA, OSHA, local health boards and other governmental organizations can site and fine companies for bird mess problems, and even shut down those that leave problems uncorrected.

Quallity Services Provided:

  • Stain Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Bird Repelling
  • Roof Washing
  • Bird Control
  • Roof Restoration


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