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To My Brian,
Love, Melissa

Dearest Brian, I often ask How would you describe love, the answer is you can't Love is a feeling that is only felt through your heart's content This is my feeling each time I see you, it's a feeling that feels so great It seems the distance till time we can meet in real and even then it is too long. Some say Love is a feeling that comes and goes. Some say Love is a thought of emotions wanted. Others say it's just a figment of a lustful imagination, And still to others it's a feeling that never fades. I've been told it's a feeling that can be done without, But it's also been said that it's a part of life From which you can not hide. Every time when were not together, I cry, my heart weeps to be with you, Near you and even to touch you I want to look at your Soft loving face see your beautiful lips Feeling you close to me, holding you tight To capture you in your sweet embrace. I long for your kisses, so sweet and pleasant, Iíll feel like Iím floating in air when that time comes to finally look you eye to eye Iíll never want you to leave your side. Myself, I have found a feeling of one which contains two, The emotions of two that forms a relationship of one. To me Love is the bond that keeps some together Even when they are apart even with miles of distance. I often ask myself... Are you... my missing piece? The one to make me whole? Do you... complete me? I softly smile and feel a lil chill Yes, you do in so many ways. And other ways to show you I canít express but only By writing and in the pages we have made for one another Brian you are my world. Youíre everything to me. And with each day we are apart just makes our love grow And become stronger, for I have found,"My Hero" Brian you complete me, So Thank You for showing me ďTrue Love"
If you say you love me more than anybody As much as you love me.... Baby I'll still love You more.......