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William Glover (ca. 1678-1754)

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 GLOVER was born Abt. 1678 in probably VA, and died August 1754 in Northampton Co., NC1. He married MARY NORWOOD Abt. 1705 in Southwark Parish, Surry Co., VA, daughter of WILLIAM NORWOOD and LYDIA JORDAN.

Notes for W
William Glover is the earliest proven ancestor of a long line of Glovers who migrated from VA into NC, then into central and western SC, then to GA, AL and westward. It is believed that William Glover was born in VA. In 1698 he was a tithable in Isle of Wight /Surry Co. VA (Southwark Parish), which means he was over 16, free (not indentured), and taxable. He appears as a tithable from 1700 to 1703.

William Glover married Mary Norwood of Luenburg VA between 1703 and 1707. Mary was the daughter of William Norwood and his wife Lydia Jordan. William and Mary Norwood Glover lived in Surry Co. VA, and probably all of their children were born there. William patented land in Chowan Precinct, NC 8 Sept. 1722 on the north side of Morattock River on the side of Beaver Pond. He later acquired land in Bertie District, Edgecombe Co. and Northampton Co., all close to the VA-NC line. He probably moved to NC about 1730, since that is when he sold Surry Co. VA property.

William appears to be connected to a John Glover, a tithable in Southwark Parish, Va in 1699 ( possibly a brother). According to Sara Mason, author of Glovers of Marengo County Alabama, John was listed with a group of men working on a Norwood plantation in Surry Co., VA. This John Glover married Mary Persons and died in Surry Co. in 1754. He had one son, George Glover who made his home in Edgecombe Co., NC. John migrated to NC, then went back to VA and died. His only son George m. Faithful (? Persons) and stayed in NC. This George has one son, Persons Glover.

William Glover's parentage has not ascertained. Repetition of family names and links in land records, etc. suggests some relationships. He may have been brother to Fernando Glover, George Glover (who died intestate in Surry Co. Va in 1728), and the above mentioned, John Glover. A George Glover appears with John as a witness to several wills in Surry Co. There are a few mentions of Fernando Glover in VA records. He must have died there early on.

William Glover and his wife Mary, with Richard Lewis and his wife Elizabeth sued George and Lydia Norwood, excrs. of the will of William Norwood for their shares of the estate. William Norwood's will names his children and provides for his unmarried daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. (Surry Will Book 1686-1709, p. 301-04) (William Norwood's will signed 5 June 1702, proven 7 March 1703).
The Glovers were awarded 6,400 lbs of tobacco which would have given them needed capital to purchase land. William and Mary later moved to NC to land adjacent to her brother George Norwood.

Four of William's five sons moved into Granville Co. NC. His son, Benjamin (ca 1714-1782), remained in Northampton Co. William and Mary Norwood Glover both left wills in Northampton Co. NC. William's executors were his sons, John and William. Witnesses were John Day, Sylvester Easter, and Samuel Harris. His will was recorded in August Court 1754 and dated 30 July 1754. Mary Norwood Glover's will (Northampton NC Will Bk One, p. 86 Will #56) was signed 30 Dec. 1763 and proved in Feb. Court 1764. Apparently after her husband's death, Mary made her home with her son Benjamin. She left her estate to Benjamin's sons. Benjamin died just three months after his mother.
Note: Three men who were definitely brothers were also in Northampton Co., NC. in the late 1700's. They may have been related to William; possibly his nephews. They are William, Jones, and John Glover.
1. John Glover ( - 1804 ) m. Patsy. Left will in Northampton Co.
2. Jones Glover son: John
3. William Glover ( -1802) m. Salley Love. Left will in Northampton Co. son: Allen
(I hope some researcher can place them properly.- DGW)

      Children of W
  i.   JOHN2 GLOVER, b. Abt. 1707, probably Surry Co., VA; d. Aft. 1771; m. MARY ?.
  Notes for JOHN GLOVER:
John Sr. was most likely in Pendleton District, SC. It is possible that some of the Fairfield Co., SC Glovers are his. John had only one proven son, John, Jr. This is possibly the John Glover who was shot on the Broad River in SC. (See below.)

John Glover was summoned to appear in court in Granville Co., NC. July 2, 1747 in a case with James Parrish as the plaintiff.
1754-56 was in Granville Militia.
In 1755 he and John, Jr. are in Granville Co. land records. (John, Jr. was a chain bearer.)
1756 Joseph Glover and John Glover mentioned in NC land records as being adjacent land holders.
25 Jan 1758: Joseph Glover, a grant of 710 acres in Granville, adjoining Josiah Mitchell, Nathaniel Doughty, John Glover and his own land. John Glover was in Granville Co., NC as late as 1760's. He is listed in 1760 Granville Co. land records as being on Anderson's Swamp.

John, Jr. died intestate and John Sr. (as his heir) was sued in SC court 1767 for a debt he had guaranteed for this son. (I need to find the source for this information.- DGW) I think this is the John Glover, Sr. who sold a slave in Mecklenburg Co., NC in 1770. Some researchers think his wife may have been Mary Hardy.

SC State Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 (Langley)
Box A-4, p. 154-157
15 Oct. 1771 James Collins of St. Paul's Parish, GA to Daniel Mitchell of Granville Co. SC for 500 lbs. SC money 350Ac. in Granville Co. bounding S on Savannah River where it is not navigable, witnesses: William Mangum, Hardy Glover, John Glover- recorded 19 Sept 1772
Also Book A-4, p. 158-162 Same people, but another 350 ac. granted on 2 Jan 1754, same witnesses.

Rowan Co., NC Abstracts of P &Q Court Minutes 1773-1795 & Miscellaneous Records to 1853 Vol. II by Mamie Gaskell McCubbins
"Sept. 7, 1765: The King vs Mathew Floyd. Indicted for murder of John Glover. Evidence: Hardy Glover K, John Sartan K, Will Harison P, Henry Smith P... Moses Alexander P. Floyd is not guilty of murder but of Justifiable homocide only.
(There is a John Glover 1778 in the Camden District, SC. Would this be the same one? It could also refer to his brother William's son, John. DGW)

PROVEN       issue: John Glover, Jr. (1730's-1765)

POSSIBLE issue: 1. Hardy Glover - Involved in land deals with John, Sr. in the Mecklenburg Co., NC area.
2. Henry Glover (ca. 1730's-1801) Lived in Edgefield Co. SC
3. James Glover (ca. 1730's-1802) Lived in York Co. SC (Many disagree on this one.)
4. Hezekiah Glover
(I'll filed information on James, Henry and Hezekiah under Unknown Glovers- DGW)

  ii.   SARAH GLOVER, b. Abt. 1709, probably Surry Co., VA; m. (JAMES ?) PARISH.
  iii.   WILLIAM GLOVER, b. Abt. 1711, probably Surry Co., VA; d. 1782, Camden District, SC2; m. (1) ANN (?); m. (2) CATHRIN ?.
(Most likely line for my Jessie J. Glover.- DGW)
Lived Granville Co. NC, migrated to Mecklenburg/Tryon NC, then migrated to York Co., Camden District, SC. He was a Sgt. in Granville Militia 1754-64, served under brother John Glover and Col. William Eaton. Listed in Granville land records in Nov. 1760. Sometime before 1770 his sons moved south into Ninety Six District, SC.

A reference to him is: NC Crown Grants #1134 p. 355 25 April 1767
340 acres in Mecklenburgh on East Branch of Turkey Creek including forks of creek below William Glover, Jr.

Will signed 24 April 1782 Camden District, SC- probated in Abbeville Co. SC-
Box 107, pkg 2846
-give to wife Chatrine all my estate real and personal, but wife not to dispose of any part during her life and at her death give to my son Drewry my negro Mack and to my son Jesse give my negro Ned and to daughter Elisabeth wife to Phillip Sandifer, I give my negro Patt and Patt's lst child. -give to daughter Mary my negro girl Hariat and order that her and offspring never be sold or bargain away from my daughter Mary -also give to my wife to dispose of as she may think proper my two negro children, Rachel and Hana. Give to my son Jesse ten shillings and to my son William ten shillings. I also give to my son Lowery's son John, ten shillings -give to my son Isham's son Frederick ten shillings -order that my negro wench Diana be equally divided between my two sons Drewry and John
Drewry and John executors. Witnessed Randal Griffin, Edward Lacey

Edgefield Deed Book 9, p. 16-18
20 June 1793 Chatearine Glover, widow of Edgefield Dist, but moving, gives all household goods to Mary Clark (daughter) of Edgefield, to grandson Asa Clark a 2 year old hefer, the old cow and calf to grandaughter Mary Clark, 3 year old cow & calf to grandson Jesse Glover -a horse to son Lowry, and to grandson Thomas Clark
witnessed: Patrick Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan

(Need proof of William's first wife and need to know which children belonged to her and which to Catherine.- DGW)
Proven issue: 1. Lowery Glover
2. John Glover
3. Jesse Glover
4. Elizabeth Glover m. Phillip Sandifer
5. Mary Glover
6. William Glover
7. Drewy Glover
8. Isham Glover
9. Hana - his negro child as mentioned in his will
10. Rachel- his negro child as mentioned in his will

  iv.   BENJAMIN GLOVER, b. Abt. 1714, probably Surry Co., VA; d. 1764, Northampton Co., NC; m. ELIZABETH ?.
(Sarah Mason says my Jessie J. Glover is not of this lineage. She has researched it thoroughly. This is her family line.- DGW)

Benjamin was the only one of the brothers to die in Northampton Co., NC.

Listed in 1760 as being in Northampton with Nathaniel Norwood and William Glover in the land records. He owned Beaverpond Plantation, 100 acres which was the homeplace at Granville Co., NC.

Northampton Co. NC Will Book One, p. 93 will #60
Signed 23 Dec. 1763, proved May Court 1764
-to wife Elizabeth..... and at her death estate to sold and money divided among children (not named). Extr: wife Elizabeth and Frederick Glover

The only proven sons are Frederick and Benjamin, Jr. by their grandmother Mary Norwood Glover's will. Frederick's and Benjamin's lines ended up in AL.
Proven issue: 1. Frederick Glover (ca. 1740-1797) Migrated to Abbeville Co. SC. Revolutionary War soldier in SC Militia
2. Benjamin Glover, Jr. (ca. 1745-1798)
Possible issue: 3. William Glover (ca. 1742-1801) Migrated to Abbeville Co. or Edgefield Co. SC
4. Allen Glover (ca. 1747 - 1789) Lived in Northampton Co. NC
5. Nathaniel Glover ( - 1809)
6. John Glover (ca, 1752 - 1790) Lived in Northampton Co. NC

  v.   GEORGE GLOVER, b. Abt. 1715, probably Surry Co., VA; d. July 05, 1766, St. Mark's Parish, Chester Co., SC; m. SUSANNAH MITCHELL, Abt. 1740.
  Notes for GEORGE GLOVER:
George Glover was probably born 1717 in Surry Co. VA. He died in 1766 at St. Marks Parish, Craven /Fishing Creek, Camden Dist., SC. Left no will and died intestate, probate records naming one son (Robert). Mentioned in death annoucement as being " late of Aiken and Craven Co., SC". [Craven Co. is now Chester Co.] This is the only tie found to Aiken Co., SC. His estate record says oldest son and heir, implying there were other sons. Wife Susannah Mitchell was sister to brother Joseph's wife, Phebe Mitchell. They were daughters of Robert Mitchell of Luenburg VA. (Need to get a source for that death notice.- DGW)

George Glover was a Lt. in the Granville Militia 1754-64.
Granville Co., NC land records mention George Glover on Anderson's Swamp in 1757.
Source: SC Deed Abstracts 1719-1772
Book S-3 p. 42-46 30,31 May 1770 Robert Glover & Susannah (her mark) Glover to Robert Gill, all of St. Marks Parish, SC 200 c. in St. Marks Parish, Craven Co. bounding on all sides on vacant land: granted 25 Sept 1766 to George Glover who died intestate, full power of administration being granted Susannah Glover, on 2 Dec 1766: Robert Glover eldest son of George becoming heir to said tract. Witnesses: Ralph Baker, George Gill, John Glover 26 July 1770 recorded 5 Jan 1771 (This John Glover could possibly be another son or nephew.)
- Book S-3 pp 46-51 8,9 June 1770 James (his mark) McCluer, planter of St Marks Parish, Craven Co. & Mary (her mark) his wife to Robert Gill, planter for 150 c on S fork of Fishing Creek where the Saluda road crosses it, in St. Marks Parish, bounding SE on Stephen Terry, NW on James Gill, other sides on vacant land, which 150c. where granted on 10 July 1766 to Susannah Glover, late wife of Stephen Terry, now deceased, the land now belonging to James McCluer (See Book NN< p. 500. witnesses: 26 July 1770.
Proven issue: 1. Robert Glover (ca. 1740's - ) Lived in Edgefield Co. SC
Possible issue:
(Another researcher who is a descendant of Robert thinks George, Sr.'s issue also includes-
2. Mary m. Joseph Tims- Amos, Sarah, John, Joseph, Mary
3. Wesley Glover
4. Stephen Glover - Tory, died SC had Stephen, Thomas
5. James Glover - Tory, died SC (There was a James Glover who was dead by 1790. Had heirs. See Edgefield Deed Bk 12, p. 639-642.
6. Benjamin Glover - Tory, died SC
7. Henry Glover - maybe Henry, Eli
8. Ruben Glover - Abel, Peter, Preston, Richard, Wiles)

(I think there was a George, Jr.- DGW)
9. George Glover, Jr.

  vi.   LYDIA "LIDDY" GLOVER, b. Abt. 1718, probably Surry Co., VA; d. 1740; m. SAMUEL HARRIS.
  vii.   JOSEPH GLOVER, b. Abt. 1720, probably Surry Co., VA; d. October 29, 1784, Granville Co., NC; m. PHOEBE MITCHELL, Abt. 1750.
  Notes for JOSEPH GLOVER:
(Sarah Glover, Cullman Al 35055 says I can elimate this line for my Jessie J. Glover- DGW)
Born ca. 1720. Died Oct. 29, 1784 Granville NC leaving will naming children. (I think the citation for this will is Granville Will Bk. 1, p. 469; hope someone will verify that.-Also, need source of date of death. DGW)
Eldest son, Joab, inherited the home plantation in Granville, NC and is not mentioned in Joseph' will. Children: Joab, William, John, Jacob, Phebe, Priscilla, Daniel, Robert, David, Elizabeth, Mary. (I need to check out this will; some researchers have Jacob listed as a son, others do not. - DGW)

Joseph moved with his brothers, John, William, and George to Granville Co. NC by the mid 1740's, living in the Island Creek District. He is listed on Granville Co. NC tax list in 1755 and 1769. Mentioned in Granville Co. NC land records living near Isaac and John Mitchell in 1761 on Great Island Creek.
He remained in NC while his brothers moved south. All of his sons, except Daniel, migrated to SC in the years 1785-90.
1754-1756 He was a Pvt. in the Granville Militia under his brother.
15 April 1754: Joseph Glover, a grant of 100 acres in Granville Co. from Francis Corbin, agent for Lord Granville. (NC Deed Book C, p. 119).
1756 Joseph Glover and John Glover mentioned in NC land records as being adjacent land holders.
25 Jan 1758: Joseph Glover, a grant of 710 acres in Granville, adjoining Josiah Mitchell, Nathaniel Doughty, John Glover and his own land.
1760 Joseph Glover and Nathaniel Norwood listed as adjacent land holders in Granville Co. NC.
In 1778, Joseph Glover took the Oath of Loyalty for persons in the Island Creek District as call for in the Act of the Assembly of Nov. 15, 1777. Listed with him were Neal Glover, John Glover & William Glover (probably his sons).
Proven issue : 1. Joab Glover
2. John Glover (ca.1752- ca. 1821)
3. Elizabeth Glover m. ? Barnet
4. Mary Glover m. Nathaniel Parrott
5. Priscilla Glover m. Henry Williams
6. William Glover (ca.1756 - )
7. Jacob Glover ( ca. 1757- )
8. Robert Glover ( ca. 1758-1822) died in Edgefield Dist. SC
9. David Glover (ca. 1760 - ) died in Kentucky
10. Daniel Glover ( - ca. 1817) died in NC
11. Phoebe Glover m. ? Norwood
Possible issue 12. Neal Glover

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