Fellowship Rotation Schedule
We will start a Fellowship rotation schedule. What this means is every fellowship we have, a Family Care Group will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up. We will rotate in numerical order.

In an effort to draw the families of our church closer together and better minister to each other, I have divided the church into eight family care teams. The purpose of this will be to help our families better minister to each other. You should have received a letter in the mail last week further explaining this. We will not have evening services on fifth Sunday but, will use this time to meet in the home of one of your family care members to get to know your "family" and have a fellowship. The teams will be discussing your family care team's ministry needs. Please make plans to attend these fellowships!


Visitation for our Family Care Teams will be every Thursday at 6:30pm. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, we will meet in front of the Fellowship Hall.


Young at Heart Family (Family #1)

Seekers Family (Family #2)

Heavenly Bodies (Family #3)

Joyful Heirs (Family #4)

Happy Family (Family #5)

Hellerís Angels (Family #6)

Genesis Family (Family #7)