You Have the Good News People Want to Hear!

Clearly, every Christian is called to go out into the world and bring people into the kingdom.

Weíre supposed to share what weíve been given.

But what exactly are we supposed to share?

>Hereís your message in two words:

Good News.

>Mark 16:15 tells us to "preach the good news to everyone, everywhere."

Do you like to get good news?

Everybody does.

Do you like to share the good news?

Most people do.

In the Thompson household, we compete in who gets to share the good news.

>I know youíre thinking, "the people I work with, my friends Ė theyíre not interested in the good news."

Youíre dead wrong.

They may not be interested in religion, but they are interested in the good news.

The problem is not that your friends and coworkers arenít interested.

The problem is you have forgotten how good the Good News really is.

>Once youíve been a Christian for a while, you forget how miserable it was to live without hope.

You forget what it was like to worry where you would go when you die.

You forget what it was like to have guilt and fear and regrets and bitterness...

And boredom in your life before Christ brought meaning and purpose and significance.

>What happens is, the longer youíre a Christian...

The more you tend to take for granted how good the Good News really is.

>If you go out on the street and ask, "How do you convince God to take you?"

Then, 99% of the people will say, "Youíve got to work real hard to get Godís approval...

And youíve got to be really, really good.

Youíve got to keep a lot of rules and you probably have to follow a lot of regulations and do some rituals.

Youíve got to be religious.

Iím none of those things, so Iím never going to please God or get to know him."

>The Good News is that you get right with God through a relationship based just on trusting...

not through a religion of rules, regulations and rituals.

>When I trust my life to Jesus Christ, Iím given three incredible, fabulous, wonderful benefits.

These are the three benefits you need to share with people:

He takes care of your past, your present and your future.

He forgives your past.

If you were to take everything youíve ever done or said or thought...

And make a movie of it and show it on a screen to everybody...

Youíd be really nervous!

And probably embarrassed.

>So would I, because none of us bats a thousand.

Nobodyís perfect, everybody makes mistakes.

Everyone has skeletons in his closet, things he wishes had never happened.

God comes along and says, "When you trust Jesus Christ with your life, I take that movie and I burn it.

I take everything youíve ever done and wipe the slate clean.

You get to start over with a brand new life."

Is that Good News?

He takes care of the present.

He gives you a purpose for living right now.

You are not an accident.

God created you for a purpose.

But youíre never going to know Godís purpose for your life until you first get to know God.

When you get to know God, youíre going to know who you are.

When you figure out God, youíre going to figure out yourself.

>I meet people all the time saying, "Iím just trying to find myself."

You probably arenít going to like yourself once you find yourself!

They say, "Thereís something missing in my life."

Godís missing!

You werenít made to live and go through life just on your own power.

He gives you a future.

And thatís a home in heaven.

Most people hope theyíre going to heaven.

But theyíre not sure.

Most people think if you do more good in your life than bad...

Maybe God will grade on a curve and say, "Ok, you can come in."


It doesnít work that way.

You wonít get into heaven on your own power, because youíre just not good enough.

The Bible says that heaven is a perfect place free of sorrow, suffering and sin.

That means only perfect people get to go there.

If he let imperfect people into heaven, it wouldnít be perfect anymore.

And that leaves me out, and leaves you out too.

>Thereís only one way you can get into heaven: on somebody elseís ticket.

Since none of us are perfect, God came to earth in human form, and that form was called Jesus Christ.

He lived a life of perfection.

He died on the cross, paid for our sin and then went back to heaven.

Now you get into heaven on his ticket Ė if you trust him.

>Romans 6:23 proclaims Godís free gift is eternal life through Jesus.

Itís a gift.

That means you canít earn it, you canít work for it and you canít own it in any way.

>Think about these three things: God says, "You get to know me just by trusting .

If you trust my son with your life, you get forgiveness for your past, a purpose for living for your present...

And a home in heaven in the near future."

Is that Good News? I guess so!

>Satan has fooled you.

You think that none of your friends or the people you work with are interested in hearing the Good News.

Youíre dead wrong.

The world is hungry for Good News.

Theyíre looking for it.

Thereís a great spiritual hunger in our world.

Iíve discovered that the Good News keeps sounding better and better...

Because the bad news of the world keeps getting worse and worse.