Inventory Time in the Pig Pen

Luke 15:11-24

  1. Introduction



    1. Inventory Time




    1. That time when a businessman must take time out to count all of his possessions.



    3. The time when the facts must be faced for profit or loss.





    1. The young man who took inventory in a pig pen.



    3. What had brought him to such loss and what he did about it.




  1. Body




    1. He had thought only of goods instead of God (verses 11-12)




    1. Perhaps the most tender story told by Jesus.




    1. The father, a good and compassionate man.



    3. The great grief brought to the father.




    1. Someday a part of all these things will be mine.




    1. Surely no thought of God here.



    3. The father approached for the inheritance.




    1. He would find those empty goods but now they seemed important.



    3. He is not the only one who has found things empty.




    1. Solomonís search (Eccl. 1:12-2:11)



    3. The rich young ruler (Luke 18:18-25)




    1. Your life may be saying to the heavenly father.




    1. I want my share of good.



    3. Iíll neglect the Bible if necessary to get them.




    1. He thought only of his flesh instead of the future (verses 13-16)




    1. Wasted his substance in riotous living.



    3. Had to get into that far country, away from his father.



    5. Thought so many of his problems would be settled by getting away.




    1. So many today Ė a new environment.



    3. Daniel 12:3 Ė many shall run to and fro.




    1. The cry of the flesh



    1. Ephesians 2:3, 5:1-8



    3. The cry of the flesh is for feeling.

    1. Here now you have the two directions in which men move.




    1. Those who are searching for satisfaction in goods.



    3. Those who are searching for satisfaction in feelings, drugs, booze or other pleasures.




    1. The sad picture in the pig pen.




    1. He faced the facts Ė instead of feigning happiness (verse 17)




    1. Wen he came to himself.



    3. How many hired servants have bread enough and to spare?



    5. He did not ignore the situation as some do.




    1. Iím hungry, I guess everybody else is, too.



    3. Iím feeding pigs, but lots of others are, too.




    1. Some excuse their spiritual misery by thinking everybody else is in the same boat.



    3. He responded to the truth and it changed his life.




  1. Conclusion




    1. The great resolution (verses 18-24)




    1. I will arise and go to my father.



    3. The father awaits and welcomes him.




    1. Forgiveness awaits all who come to God through Christ.




C. Come home today.