Greetings From
Harvey’s Chapel Baptist Church

HCBC was established in 1888 with five charter members. As the years have gone by
we have grown to over 700 members and offer more than a single worship service.
The main reason we come together as a family of God is to worship the Lord. When
we humbly put our faith and trust in Him, we receive His blessings, guidance
and peace that passes all understanding. We are privileged to serve the living
God. And we count it as a responsibility and honor to serve others as Jesus
Christ served us. Being a believer in Jesus is a wonderful adventure. There
are many ways members can experience the life changing touch of God here through
exciting ministries. Bible study and special programs, children and adults of all
ages can live out their faith in action. Here at HCBC, we strongly feel
that God’s people should be at the forefront in helping those in need. We offer
a variety of ministries from senior citizens to children. We invite all who would
like to help his fellow brother and sister to do so. On this web site you will
find a brief description of our ministries. If the ministries within these
webpage’s peek your interest, I would like to personally invite you to join us.
We need help in accomplishing our goal of reaching this community for Jesus Christ.