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Taking Care of the Geriatric (Senior) Pet

How wonderful it would be, if we could stay young always. But alas! it is a sad fact of life and accepting it and growing old gracefully can mean different things to different people. To live a fulfilled life, means, for some of us enjoying the little things that mean so much to us, for some of us our possessions, that undeniably include our darling pets.

Like humans, pets too lose in the ageing game. After becoming a part of the family for many years, they grow old, get sick, or debilitated and the owners, sometimes put them out of their misery by coming to terms with the inevitable and decide to bring about a peaceful end for their beloved 'son or 'daughter'. All this is only possible because man and his' best friend' share a common bond, gone trough many delightful experiences and enjoyed each other's company. Pet owners should be able to accept responsibility for their pets by providing care until the senior or should I say golden years of their pets' lives! [Read article]

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