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To volunteer your time, talents, skills, supplies, money, or prayers, or to inquire about the project, please contact:

Cassi Beamer
PH: 218-269-6609

*Tax Deductible donationscan also be sent to:
New Heights Church
P.O. Box 8668
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Memo: Peter’s Housing

But you are the chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into his own marvelous light. 1Pet. 2:9

Community Workshops

SuDawn Peters captivates her audience with her unique ability to speak to a crowd and make you feel like you're visiting with an old friend. She teaches what she's living: 39+ years of marriage, raising 14 children, homeschooling, running a summer Vacation Bible Farm, building a ministry, and loving the Lord. Whether you're a young parent just starting out or a grandma who already has years of experience, you'll learn new tips on organizing, making the most of your resources, and how to take your next step of faith.


Pantry Preparedness Series:
This series is good for any group and especially appropriate for church ministries, food pantries, community outreach organizations, and families.

Class I. Pantry Preparedness Primer
Recommended before attending the next two classes. Learn the whys and hows of building a pantry. Evaluate your thinking regarding budget, storage space, and needs. Set goals for getting prepared and learn the steps to succeed.

Class II. Expanding the Pantry
Review goals set in the first class. Learn how to use, replenish, and maintain your pantry. Expand storage ideas and consider the need for long-term preparedness.

Class III. Beyond the Pantry
Move into longer-term storage with ideas on building up a supply of food and water, as well as medical and other necessities.

As an adoptive mom of thirty-six years, SuDawn is well-versed in a variety of related topics including: parenting a large family, building lifelong traditions, special needs and interracial adoption. Pick the focus you desire for your seminar, workshop, crisis pregnancy outreach, tea, or retreat.

Home Schooling:
Having home-schooled her children for more than eighteen years, SuDawn is able to guide you in teaching multiple children at different grade levels, children with different learning styles, and children with special needs. She's "been there, done that" and will be a huge asset to your home school convention or group.

Learn tips from the pro! Through raising a large family, home-schooling, and moving twenty-six times in the last thrity-eight years, SuDawn is sure to have tips that will help you streamline your:
   - Cleaning
   - Storage
   - Chores
   - Shopping
This is a must-have course for all busy families.

Programs can be fashioned to suit the desires and needs of your organization or group. Programs are currently presented for a love offering and paid expenses.

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