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Our Children
'I Am A Child of God. I Am Your Child. We Are A Family'

Leah Nichole
I am the child that prompted you to take this journey called adoption. Adoption purposed not just for myself, but for my siblings, for the adopted children of your best friends, and for those that go unnoticed by you…but who have noticed your willingness to take the orphans into your arms and, who in turn, have been blessed by the prompting to adopt. I am the child that reminds you of how the love of a mother who chose life and release to a new country and culture can ripple beyond comprehension or compare.

Jared Austin
I am the child that taught you about the depth of a mothers’ love, about labor and delivery and the miracle of birth. I came when you thought I would never join you. I remind you of genetic tendencies, the good and the not so good. In my eyes you see your own, in my actions you learn of your compassion, and in my trials you relive your own. In the vision of my children you see yourself, and the continuance of a Godly heritage. I remind you that conception is a miracle and not something to ever be taken for granted.

Trista Jin Joelle
I am the child that taught you of the visions and dreams that only God honors. My flight to this country brought the scope of Gods’ power into focus and diminished the boundaries of nations. I am the child that believes adoption is God ordained and ultimately a good thing, something to be unconditionally accepted. I daily remind you of predispostioned strength and the importance of serving others.

Andrea Shaye
I am the child of two differing races combined uniquely--creating a child of God with a purpose and a plan. I am the child that first taught you that race, or more specifically belonging to a combination of races is often puzzling in spite of unconditional love and acceptance by a family. I am the child that reminded you of your youthful desire to leave home, and just as quickly understood in a new way how important family really is. I unknowingly blessed your heart upon my decision to return to be near the family God chose for me.

Jordan Andrew
I am the child that could easily have been a victim of abortion had God not carefully chose the womb of my conception. I am a child that was planted in your spirit long before I was born and therefore wrought you many hours of soul searching and questioning of the God who created me. I am the child that hungers after my Lord, seeks His face and feasts upon His word. I am the child that reminds you even youth can be faithful to the Lord, a universal conviction all ages and creeds need to be reminded of.

McKenzie Elizabeth Natasha
I am the child that taught you about accepting and receiving into your heart an innocent life when the future is uncertain and likely to include challenges most would easily refuse to accept. I am the child God asked you to take unconditionally, trusting Him with the future. I am the child that looked soulfully into the eyes of others as a small infant and who continues to show great acceptance of others and exist with simplicity in life and love of God those more knowledgeable would do well to strive after. I remind you that God has a purpose and a plan for all people, placing each in exactly the circumstances that He desires for us, irreverent of the logic or supposed rightness of a situation.

Nicholas Asher
I am a twin, the child that God allowed a glimpse of in your spirit only months before I joined the family. I am the child that God said would be quick to laugh, strong and determined. My race was a mystery to you before my birth and remains unknown to most who would see me even now, proving that we are not always what we appear to be, reminding us that skin is not cause for prejudice or judgment. I am the child that tries your patience, has enlarged your heart and pricked your spirit on more than one occasion. I remind you that God knows us while still in our mothers’ womb and prepares a family and a plan for us long before our conception.

Nathan Alexander
I am a twin, the child you saw along with my brother in my mothers’ womb. I am the child that God said would have a strong spirit, and yet would be passionate and considerate and care deeply about others. Like my brother, my race was a mystery to you before my birth and likewise remains a mystery to most even now, proving that it is our soul and not our color that God has a special interest in. I am the child that struggles with anger because I have so much I desire to do, meanwhile, along with you; I am learning that God’s timing is not our timing. I remind you that God has a purpose and a plan that we in our humanness on a day-to-day basis rarely see, but it is a good plan.

Victoria Aisling
I am the child that God promised you as a gift. I joined you when you thought God would gift you with no other children, and I blessed your heart and encouraged your faith like no other. I have the gift of worship and love people of all ages and nations equally. In my spirit there lies dormant a gift of ministry waiting for a time of revelation and release by the God who designed me. I am the child whose arrival reminded you of Gods’ faithfulness and forgiveness even when it is not deserved.

Gabriel Addison
I am the child that was hidden. I am the one that brought you to a halt and prompted tears of apprehension, joy and anticipation when my birth was revealed to you in your spirit at a most unusual moment in time. I am the child that will one day share God’s word with the nations because, like Moses, God protected me for a season then placed me in an adoptive family to learn all I will need to know in order to serve my Heavenly Father most effectively.

Benjamin Austin
I am the child that God spoke of through poem and verse long before your knowledge of special needs encompassed the reality of physical handicaps. I am the child you were the most hesitant to bring home, who challenges your walk with God on the most intimate level and who has the greatest potential for experiencing a deliverance through healing of anyone you have ever parented. I am the one who reminds you of your weaknesses, who reveals your greatest flaws and yet who needs you the most. I am the child who reminds you that no one is perfect, forgiveness is perpetual and necessary,and that total dependence upon God is the only way to manage the magnitude of our needs.

Aaron Ashon
I am the child that was said to be a single son. I am a twin revealed to you by God while still in the womb. Like the siblings before me, I was conceived in your spirit and born of your heart. I am the child that has brought joy and laughter to your home and who demonstrates the unexplainable connection of biological siblings, even when separated at birth. I am sweet spirited and compassionate like few other sons and I am totally dedicated to the protection and care of my sister, my twin. I am the child that reminds you of Gods’ great provision and final hour rescues, and a living witness of the great importance of obedience to the Lords’ leading be we of little or no faith, Jewish or born again Christian…all play a vital part in the plans God has.

Abigail Grace
I am the child of your heart. I am the twin that was hidden until my birth, revealed only to you in your minds eye, confirmed to others through your faith. I am the child who loves all people and am wise beyond my few years. I too remind you of the significance and affection brought through biological roots even when separated for a season from my sibling. I am the child of your spirit. I share your passion for children, your mothering instinct and unconditional love. I remind you that if you wait long enough God will bring you the desires of your heart and bless you beyond measure when you would least expect such a gift.

Daniel Elisha
I am the child of yet another vision. I am the child that many others should have taken, and yet whom God intended for your arms. I am the child of your mature years, the son who is patient and observing, compassionate and accepting, and incredibly needy of your reassurance and your love. I am the child that lived in fear and uncertainty until I entered your hearts and our home, and only then did I begin to let go and let the love of God and my family nurture and heal me. I remind you that age is not a factor in loving and caring for others, and that children have a special way of keeping the heart young and the spirit humble.

['Your Child' ]
I am the Amerasian child, the biological child, Asian, of African American and Caucasian decent. I am the East Indian, the Viet Namese child, the Black and the White of the world. I am the mentally impaired, the spiritually in tune, the physically handicapped, the learning disabled, the athletically inclined, and the intellectually smart. I am a child of God. I am your child.


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