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Topcats Topcats Topcats Topcats Topcats Topcats


Calallen High School Topcats

Topcats Director: MS. Jennifer Herrmann.
Assistant Director: Jennifer Reeves.
Manager: Lacey Rogers

Lorelei ChabotCaptainSenior
Pam KnesekCaptainSenior
Amanda VidlakLieutenantJunior
Allison VaughanLieutenantJunior
Jessica CrawfordLieutenantJunior
Kimberly AinsworthMemberSophomore
Lisa Alvarez<MemberSophomore
Emily BorchardMemberSophomore
Lindsay BurchMemberSophomore
Desiree ChapaMemberJunior
Pam GomezMemberSophomore
Cassie HamiltonMemberJunior
Meredith HedrickMemberJunior
Andrea HernandezMemberSophomore
Delissa HinojosaMemberFreshman
Janice JimenezMemberFreshman
Janice IngallsMemberJunior
Clarissa JimenezMemberFreshman
Amanda LealMemberSophomore
Catrina MarshallMemberFreshman
Leah MartinezMemberSophomore
Chelsey PrudhommeMemberSophomore
Jennifer RogersMemberJunior
Tanya RojasMemberFreshman
Sara RossMemberSenior
Saralyn SibleyMemberFreshman
Jessica SpiveyMemberJunior
Jamie SteenMemberJunior
Christina ZunigaMemberJunior

The Topcats entertain at Half-time.

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