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" This is a waiter who sang an opera birthday song for Camille."

" See How red Camille turned? (note: this is NOT a real tattoo on Camille's arm. It was just drawn on."

" When we got home, a suprise was waiting!"

" Birthday girls! Camille and host Aunt Vickie!"

" Camille with the cake."

" Camille making a birthday wish and blowing out the candles!"

" Camille Recieved: new tennis shoes from host sister Krista, a new watch from host Aunt Vickie,and a black sweater with a black cat necklace, a shirt with a pink gem necklace, a black & pink nighty with a pink necklace and a white gold set of jewelry with lavender stones and diamonds that included earrings, necklace and a ring!"

"On Friday, friends from school took Camille to Midnight Glo bowling. Camille won both the games that she bowled. On Saturday, Camilles French class through her and her french teacher a birthday party at one of their houses. Her French teacher has the same birthday as Camille! After bowling, we took Camille out for a bite to eat. An opera singing waiter sang to her and brought her a large ice cream sundae. She turned very red. We all laughed and had a good time. On Sunday we took Camille for a special trip. We went to Memphis to the IMAX theatre. They were showing " Australia". After the show we took her to tour Elvis Presley's home, Graceland. Then we saw the Elvis Presley auto museum, the "Senecerley Elvis" museum and toures his airplane, the "Lisa Marie". Afterwards we went to a special restaurant, Texas De Brazil, then went to Beale Street for Blues Music. We had a very wonderful Celebration!"

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