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Until One Day...

    There was a young woman that everyone knew, but not in the sense that anyone would like to be known.  Everyone either turned their nose up at this young woman or they simply wished out loud that she'd get her life together.  But, no one ever bothered to try and help.  Until one day...
    A young man came to her that was a little more handsome than her husband.  He was a little more gentle, loving and he listened.  He really listened!  She knew that he was the one that would turn her life around.  She knew that he was the one who would bother to care and listen and love.  But, all his words were lies and he was soon gone.  Now, another marriage was destroyed, and she was alone again.  Until one day...
    She had noticed him looking at her, but it was a strange look.  She was beautiful and many men had looked at her in her lifetime, but his look wasn't like theirs.  His look was different.  She couldn't quite put her finger on it.  Something about him told her that he was the

one.  Something had whispered to her soul that he was the answer to all of her problems.  But that was only a fantasy, wasn't it?  A man with no lust in his eyes couldn't possibly have any other need for her.  After all, wasn't that all she was good for?  So, she avoided him.  Until one day...
    "I've been looking for you," he said.
    She was startled as she turned toward the voice.  "I'm through giving myself away, sir.  I don't know what these people have told you about me, but..."  He didn't let her finish.
    "I'm not here for that," he interrupted. 
    "Then what?"  She asked.
    "You've been looking for me too, you know?"  Her eyes became glassy with tears as he spoke.  She knew it to be true.
    "But how can you love me?"  She asked. 
    He smiled, tears in his own eyes,  and took her in his arms.
    "You didn't know," he started, "but I always have."

-He wanted you to know

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