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Apple River Association

The Apple River Assocation is a group of concerned citizens focused on the future of the Apple River and its watersheds including but not limited to issues concerning development, preservation, safety, and water quality

Meeting Dates


Rick Scoglio    Allen Carlson    Fritz Coulter    Charlie Nelson    Paul Grasser
Chair           Treasure         Secretary        Vice Chair        Director
857-5368        268-2032         268-4896         268-5025          268-4237

Meeting Dates: The Apple River Assocation meets the first Thursday of the month at 7PM at the Amery City Hall.
Feb 3rd Planning meeting for educational programs in 2005
March 3rd Regular monthly meeting
April 7th Special meeting at The Tac with county representative to discuss removal of Woodley dam.
May 5th Regular monthly Meeting
June 2nd Regular meeting preseded by a presentation on aquatic nuisance plants
July 7th Regular monthly meeting
August 4th Regular monthly meeting
September 1st Regular monthly meeting
October 6th Regular monthly meeting
November 3rd Regular monthly meeting
December no meeting


April 16th canoe trip Apple River CR E to Country dam
May 21st canoe trip and river cleanup Amery dam to Black Brook dam
June 18th Nature of Amery days canoe trip
July 16th Black Brook dam to Little Falls High Bridge followed by annual meeting and picnic
August 20th Tributary to Apple River to be determined
September 17th Country dam to Amery dam

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