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Land Of Angels

hey everyone welcome to my webpage! i know some of you might not like that your on this but its only cause i love ya :P well i hope you like it and if not well then you can kiss my....... hehe love, ME

My best friend in the world

This is my best friend in the whole world! Yeah sometimes we fight but i still love her to death! When i need someone to talk to shes AWLAYZ there for me! Thankx Jessie ;)

hey are you an alian??

This was done by a pretty special person! He is very VERY smart which i think sometimes gets him in troubl! ;) All in all hes a pretty good person and i love being with him! anywayz you know who you are and remember i love you! :P

crazy one

This is my favorite buddy to talk to online. when i need someone to make me smile hes alwayz there to do it! Thankx your my #1 homie