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~We started off on such a beautiful day! Everyone was so excited to be making this trip!~

{Barb.} We.. Carolyn And I... Took Vel With Us, And Drove Down To Unk's House.. There We Met Up With Pokey, Betty, Suzie And Terri..We had made plans ahead of time for a great Thanksgiving and getting to meet each other!!

{Betty} I decided to take my pussies I mean cats along to meet the folks and enjoy a nice dinner..

{Barb} Betty had decided to drive her pick-up truck, with her kitties, and their darn old litter box right in the front seat! Old Rover and Yeller was in the truck bed on the mattress she keeps back there.She also brought along her milk cows! She thought everyone would want fresh milk for breakfast!

{Barb} That is when I decided to ride with Carolyn, and we picked up Vel on the way. Betty beat me there, as Carolyn, Vel, and I did some sight-seeing on the way. We wanted to spend some time in the beautiful Smokey Mountains. We saw a few bears, and one looked like Yogi, but we were not sure. In Tennesse, we stopped for the night at a Hotel. There Club was having Willie Nelson singing that night!....

{Barb} Hmmmmm, is that our YogiBaby?
Naw, he would have chased us!

~AJ, Indy Sue, Jean, and Terri promised to head that way after the NASCAR races. So Carolyn, Vel, and I dolled up in our best that night at the Hotel to go and see Willie Nelson!...:-))~

{Vel} Before we left the hotel, I put on my jeans, cowboy boots and fringed suede jacket....I mean , I was looking gooood...I saw Barb roll her eyes at Carolyn when she thought I wasn't looking...They were really dolled up. Sexy low cut dresses, black fish net stockings, makeup..We're talking the whole meal deal here !! We get to the room where Willie is ready to perform and I was shocked !!!! They were all over him like white on rice !!! Boy was I mad !!! They both know dang well that Willie is my main squeeze....

{Unk} Pokey was cooking the Turkey and I kept looking out the window to see if there was any sign of them coming down the road. Lucky was hiding because he heard the Cats were coming.

{Suzie} I picked Indy Sue up on the way down there but it took us awhile, we couldn't quit talking about NASCAR... JR and Cheeksie rode along too..they were so good and anxious to meet eveyone. The trip thru the mountains were awesome!

{Barb} Vel, Carolyn, and I went to the Club, and the only ones that didn't have on jeans and cowboy boots was Carolyn and I of everyone there! Carolyn and I prissed up to Willie, and tried to get his attention, but he only had eyes for Vel when she walked in,,,,,

{Vel} Willie walked walked right past Barb and Carolyn and right up to me !!! He sang me a song before his perfomance, and I about died.....After he was finished with his gig, he got 2 of his guys for the ladies and we all partied the night away. Before he left in his bus he asked if I would meet him for Thanksgiving dinner in Texas. I told him that as much as I adored him, I had bigger plans for that day......I was meeting all of my Eaglenest friends in NC. for that day!! I don't know about Barb and Carolyn...Jeez, they left with those 2 guys and I'm stuck at the hotel....Oh well, I'm just going to soak in the hot tub awhile. I guess they won't forget about me....I hope.....???? It's been 2 days since I saw them.....