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Not just a Name
etched on a black granite Wall
A Face
A Life
A Sacrifice
In the spirit of honor and courage
Giving all for our way of life
They leave behind
Our Heroes before they left to fight
Our Heroes still
We remember forever their
Faces on The Wall

~This page is done at Thanksgiving.
First and of the most
Importance for Our Country is God.
We at ADCPS thank Him daily for what we have.
We also want to Thank Our Military.
They keep Our Land Free for us to enjoy
Life and Thanksgivings,etc.
And sometimes it is a hard Battle for them.
So as we say Our Prayers,
we always remember the Brave Men and Woman
who have fought to keep us Free.~~

~The Following Gifts on this page and the next 2 pages are for the guys putting up with us silly gals for Thanksgiving!~

{Barb} I made these and hope you all like them...

To Unk.