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{Barb} I just transferred 148 post from ADCPS of The Thanksgiving Story to one of my addys. I am going to put it all on some Webpages. And know what is so funny about it? Carolyn never did fess up to what happened to her fish-net hose! I didn't either! I am LMAO!!! :-))

{Suzie} That will make for 1 great web page...and it's a memory to be cherished..

{Unk} LOL Barb lots of luck with that story. I think I saw AJ down by the Pond with them, trying to net minnows for fishing.

{Barb} I AM ROTFLMAOPIMP!!! :-)) If he has them, ask AJ to please return them to Carolyn or me!!! :-)

{Barb} Did you read Unk's post to this Thread? Carolyn's fish-net hose possibly has been located!! LMAO!!!

{Vel} LMAO...Who would have thunk??? I just figured she gave them to that cute cowboy with the tight buns.....LOL...

{Carolyn} net hose? Pssst AJ....where did you find them? Keep dem cause I don't wear anything fishes have swam through...Yikes. I thought Tim had them!

{Vel} Carolyn,I'm just glad we found out where you left them....LOL...

{Barb} Well Carolyn, at least your's were found, mine never where....