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{Vel} Pokey, you sure know how to give a party. I hope you like the gif Barb made. Isn't it nice?

{Barb} Jean, you are lovely too! So glad we had this chance to be together!

{Barb} And Indy Sue, so great to meet you! Haven't we had the best time!

{Barb} And look at Terri, boy can she ever swing those hula-hoops! Oh Boy, we are having alot of fun!.....

{Terri} ROTFLMBO!!!!! The hips I have... the hula is a whole other story. LOL If I tried... I hope somebody has the name of a good chiropractor in my area. LOL

{Barb} Unk, it is all your fault!!-pout- For letting me drink that 1 glass of -hick- what was it? Now look at me....acting like I know how to sing!!

{Vel} I'm ROTFLMAOPMP !!!!!! This whole thread is hilarious !!!!! You're a WINNER for sure G/F.....What a great lady you are.

{Carolyn} This has been a "HOOT" Your the life of the party gal......LMBOROTFPIMP2..... Vel...we should have brought serenities.. LOL LOL LOL. Time to change again..... You should make a story of this on your webpage Barb.....Cool beans..... Hic Hic....oh no, NOT again!

{Suzie} Nothing like a good glass of cold beer after a meal like makes me belch so there's room for more..LOL

{Barb} Carolyn, I am going to print it all out like a Book...:-)) HEE-HAW!!!

{Barb} And NOW look at what Unk has us doing, after the glass of beer too!

let this load

{Barb} Unk, you have been such a gracious Host and -gag-
I have to say this is one Trip I will always remember! -puke- Oh my!!! :-))