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{Barb} Thanksgiving Dinner at last at Pokey and Unk's! And I want you all to see what Betty is wearing for the Celebration! HAHA!!

Betty, you look just like a Texan!!
Hmmmm, now for me to decide what I want to wear.....

{Barb} Oh and yes there you are Wendy! Happy Birthday! And here is your Birthday Gift.

Let's all sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl...:-)) That breakfast was great! Those guys don't know what they missed out on! I guess they will be showing back up anytime for the big Dinner! Mmmmm, I've got to think of a gag trick for Unk.....:-)) Maybe I will buy him a donkey and put it in his backyard! LOL HeeeeHawww!!!

{Barb} I found the perfect gift from the gals for Unk. Glad we ran down to the Shopping Mall Carolyn! Gosh, I hope Tim doesn't get too upset over us having his Caddy! Well, anyway here is Unk's gift!

Unk, I present this to you for being the best buddy we gals could ever have through the past few Webby Years! ;-)

{Vel} WOOOHOOO!!!!! Betty's looking HOT today......Hey Barb wear them black fish net hose you had on...You were looking pretty good....Or maybe not. We don't want Unk thinking we're a bunch of floozys do we???? I won't tell if you don't.. hahahahaha......

{Vel} What a beautiful BD gift you got for Wendy....Happy Birthday Wendy....May you have many more...hum,hu,humm,hum la,la,la,hummmmm....There I sang to you.

{Vel} Well now Ms. Barb, that's a pretty nice present we got Unk, but I sure hope he doesn't have poor Pokey outside sloppin' the hogs !!! LOL...Just picturing this...Nah she'd have Unk standing in the corner.... Boy that was some good cooking we had for breakfast wasn't it? I just might spend my winter vacation with Pokey and Unk... Just kidding Unk...You can give up that motel room pretty soon....How is Froggys goldfish doing?

{Unk} IF THATS BETTY, I'm coming home from the Comfort Inn. LOL ..and also OINK, OINK, Thanks Barb that is neat!

{Vel} Unk,you'd better stay at the comfort inn..You'll be really embarassed standing in the corner with all of us there to see you..LOL

{Barb} I am LMAO at you! Wouldn't that be funny if Pokey put Unk in the Corner with all of us there?!!! I still haven't found anything to wear yet. I brought tons of clothes, but you know how us gals are! I'm not gonna dress like Betty. That would be double-trouble for UNK!!! HAHAHAHA! I have had sooo much fun on this trip! :-)) The animals have settled down and are becoming friends except Froggy is missing 2 of his goldfish! Lucky sure is having alot of fun! I am sure glad Wendy likes Birthday gift! Well, I gotta get out of this old Granny Gown and get dressed for our special day today! Don't ya know Unk will be so glad to see us leave tonight?!!!........

{Suzie} Hey Betty, your looking pretty spiffy there. Now we have to watch the guys and keep their blood pressure down..LOL

{Suzie} Unk the pic is lovely and let's you know how much we all love ya!!!

{Pokey} Can someone tell me when did Unk go to the Comfort Inn. I was so busy cooking and having fun with you gals, I didn't even miss him. LOL. Gee Whiz Betty, no wonder Unk wants to come back when he saw you in that outfit. Boy!!! you sure are turning the guys head around. LMBO Barb. that was a great gif you made for Unk, no wonder I keep hearing him going Oink Oink Oink. LOL.

{Vel} I'd love to see Unk standing in the corner.. He is settling down and is even smiling.. Probably because we'll all be leaving soon...Get the heck out of that granny gown Barb, and get dressed lady...I'm gonna go have a piece of pie while everyone is getting ready to eat....Oh my,the food all looks soooo good.....