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{Barb} Here is your gift Wendy...Again,Happy Birthday and enjoy the Cake Unk got you!

{Jean} I hope you have the best birthday ever, my friend, and many, many more......

{Vel} Happy Birthday Wendy!!!! May you have many more. Wow, nice gift from Barb, but if Unk made the cake, you taste it first...LOL

{Suzie} Happy Birthday to a swell gal I had the pleasure of meeting in person..I know you have a PC now but hope you got to see our wishes for you!

{A.J.} Have A Happy!!!!!!!!

{IndySue} A belated happy birthday wish to a special gal. May everything you wished for come true!

{Carolyn} Wendy and Dave left webtvland for the Computer.....early this month. I know She would have appreciated all your birthday wishes. I'll say thank you for her...:-)