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"With God, all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

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Would you say these statements are true or false?:

  1. Visitors that come to my church seem to come back several times; many end up making it their church home. T F
  2. I have seen a steady increase in church attendance over the last two years. T F
  3. My pastor gets along well the the church members. T F
  4. People often say the preaching at my church is very good. T F
  5. People often say the music at my church is very good. T F
  6. The church business meetings are well attended, well organized, and we all leave feeling good about what was accomplished. T F
  7. The church has had a good financial backing for all its ministry goals. T F
  8. We see conversions and baptisms on a regular basis. T F
  9. People in my church respond readily to needs, such as for children and youth workers, and Sunday school teachers. T F
  10. We have a good turn out for mid week prayer meetings and Bible studies. T F
  11. Missionaries speak from time to time at my church about their work in other countries. T F
If you answered "FALSE" to at least two of these questions, you should definitely fill out the application form and send it in. There is no charge for processing this form, and there is no obligation. The initial consulting fee, if you should decide to use the service, may be as low as $100. In some cases, even this low fee can be waived - ask for details when you send in the application.

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What is Aaron Church Consulting?

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