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Introducing Womanshare

  • a cooperative skill bank
  • a caring community
  • a new economic model

"...they moved from friendship to social revolution."
- The New York Times®

Womanshare: A Cooperative Skill Bank

We are a community of urban women who share our skills, our interests, our time and ourselves just as our rural grandmothers used to do. But Womanshare has one important difference: we have taken women's cultural heritage of sharing and transformed it into a system in which we can earn credit for the time we give.

Our vision is that all people can be creators and producers. By valuing caring skills and life skills, we honor work that women have always done without getting credit for it. We also value work in process, in which the learning and the being together are as important as the final product.

Womanshare has been recognized nationally and internationally as a unique model of community building based on a service exchange system.

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