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Tribute to Gloria Henes.

With many thanks to Chris Baker:

" Like many of you, we were devastated to hear of the passing of Gloria Henes. Her passing is a tremendous loss to the breeds she loved , the clubs she worked so hard for and especially for her friends.

I was very lucky to have met Gloria while I was still a novice in this breed. Lucky, because she was willing to help me get started, to be a Mentor, a rare thing these days. Even though I hadn't gotten my first Berners from her, she was always there with advise and encouragement for me.

My first impression of Gloria has held true for the past 15 years----she always seemed "young", she was tireless & cheerful, and often put the rest of us to shame, as she was twice our age (or more). Her devotion to her dogs was legendary, as was her support for the breeds, as a whole. Gloria set a great example for us all. She had her opinions and wasn't afraid to give them, yet , she was equally willing to give help, information and comradery. I will always be greatful to Gloria for allowing me to use Peter, her beloved boy, at stud for our beloved girl, Troy. The seven pups that resulted have led to over 100 progeny & counting! From this breeding, though, comes one of my favorite "Gloria" stories.

The first breeding was done at Gloria's place, on a Friday, no problem. The second breeding was due that Sunday, a day we were both entered at a dog show, so Gloria suggested that we do the second breeding there ! I was surprised at the idea, but agreed, not knowing "where" the actual breeding would be done. I was envisioning the 4 of us hiding behind a building, Gloria or I acting as "lookout". Instead, when I met her (after Peter showed), I found that she had emptied out the back of her minivan, as much as possible. Still, it was a small area, I was skeptical. But Gloria says: "they'll manage, look how many babies are conceived in cars!" . Sure enough, the tie occured in record time & with great results!

So, all of you who have Troy x Peter in your pedigrees, don't be surprised if they have a real love for Chevy Vans!

So, yes, Gloria will be missed, but we will have tons of fond memories and lessons learned to remember her by."

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