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Rooster Roadshow April 1st 1976

Atomic Rooster Roadshow

Plans abounded for Vincent to do a new project, the Rooster Roadshow.

Sadly, this was not be be, Vin faced another battle with manic depression shortly after this photograph was taken and it was to be a full year later before he was able to work again.

You may recognise some of the faces up there!

Centre is Helen Mirren being strangled by Derek Damon.
Bottom left is me being strangled by Brian Gascoigne
(Don't ask me why we ladies were being strangled! Was the photographer's idea!)
Centre top, of course, is Vincent - to his L Tsuneo Matsumoto, to his R Mike Finesilver
Bottom Centre is Keiran Conners and to his R Steve Waller
Extreme R is Pete the Drummer
L of Helen is Bass player, Kent Coast, and above him roadie, Keith Field.