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TONGARI art::story

a r t

[01] big version of Tongari's title image
[02] Lin washing feet in bathroom - long story - from a Bebop RPG
[03] Spike and Vicious 'you're gonna carry that weight'
[04] odd Lin picture. I want a graphics tablet dammit. mouse wonky.

s t o r y

[Who Will Love Me Now?] unfinished
:: Jet and Faye have a sentimental fit and set off to find Spike's last living protege

[Boy Alone] unfinished
:: a story for Lin in the aftermath of Spike's 'death'

[Boy In Between]
:: a story for Lin as he grows up and observes the Spike-Julia-Vicious triangle

[Crumpled Cigarettes] by Ruthanne Morey [see Trinsan]
:: a beautiful, beautiful story where death is not the end for everyone.

d o u j i n

[01] chapter three of Boy In Between, manga-form

The Warm Trombone