Sounds of the Fox

All sorts of fox sounds
Hi, welcome. Here you can listen to the amazing variety of sound these beautiful foxes make. Some clips are much louder than the others. Loud is written in their description. I hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I do. Let me know if you have any to add. Thanks!

These first files are .wav files.
They are playable on Windows MediaPlayer and can be played on MacIntosh with the free SoundApp program here.

aren't I cute...?! :)

bark.wav ----A fox barking a long ways off.

call.wav ----Fox calling out.

cry.wav ----Young fox crying.

farcry.wav ----Beautiful howl-like crying.

faroffcry.wav ----Strange, haunting fox with birds in the background.

foxchirp.wav ----Fox kit making squeaking sounds.

foxcry.wav ----Sounds like a fox distress call.

foxkits2.wav ----Cute fox kits playing.

fox_mating_call.wav ----Lone fox calling for a mate.

fox_on_praire.wav ----A fox crying out with winds blowing in the background.

foxpur.wav ----A fox making strange, cute purring sounds.

foxsound1.wav ----A classic dog-like bark. Bird and whistling sounds in background.

foxsquall.wav ----A red fox's playful squalling. My favorite one! Adorable!

fox_territory_call.wav ----A fox calling out warning others this is his territory.

foxweird.wav ----A very strange fox sound.

greyfox_fight.wav ----(Loud) Gray foxes fighting viciously. There's a human-like sound in there for a second. Listen for it.

greyfox_kit.wav ----(Loud) Grey fox kit. I think gray foxes just have a harsher sounding voice. :)

greyfox_vs_coon.wav ----(Loud) Another rough and tough gray fox. This one's battling a raccoon.

greyfox_with_cottontail.wav ----(Loud) A high-pitched squealing as the gray fox carries off the poor rabbit.

kitcry.wav ----Sad sounding red fox kit.

kityip.wav ----Soft little yipping sounds of a fox kit.

matingcall.wav ----Another mating call. You can hear the wind in the background of his lonesome call.

prairie2.wav ----I think this one is slightly different than the first prairie fox, but they might be the same.

redfox_baby.wav ----(Loud) A cute red fox kit.

redfox_distress.wav ----(Loud) A red fox distress call.

softfight.wav ----More fighting foxes.

yip.wav ----A cute, short fox yip.

These are .ram files.
They are playable with RealPlayer, available free here.

arctic_fox.ram ----(Really quiet) Arctic fox crying.

red_fox_barking.ram ----(Really quiet) Cute red fox barking.

red_fox_barks.ram ----A pair of red foxes barking. :)

get a loud of what the fox say

"aren't I cute" clip of Tod from Disney's The Fox and the Hound

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