According to tradition there are optimum times for healings,  banishments and other ritual works.  Among the things to consider under this heading are:

·    The phases of the Moon

·    The sign of the zodiac that the Moon is in at the time of the working.

·    Whether or not the Moon is involved in an eclipse.


        Phases of the Moon

Waxing Moon:  This is the phase when the Moon is growing from new to full.  This is the optimum time to work on beginning new projects, starting or getting a new job, increasing your health, energy, fertility, or income.  In short, anything you need to bring a positive increase in your life.

·    Full Moon:  These are excellent lunar energies for all positive works including protection, healing, love, increased awareness, improving finances, and "wishes" (because the full moon can also be called "The Wish Moon").

·    Waning:  When the Moon is decreasing from full to new is an excellent time to get rid of old habits, addictions, disease, and all manner of negative thought patterns.  It's also easier to shed extra pounds, release pent-up angers, hurts and resentments during this phase.   (It should be noted here that anything you work on should be done from a harm-none standpoint and never do anything for another person without their permission.)

·    A Word About Eclipses:  Lunar energies are soft and subtle by nature, bringing the required results in a gentle fashion, but there is an exception to this:  If the Moon is involved in an eclipse (either solar or lunar) the energies become intense and you should use them very wisely.

                                  Moon in Signs

Moon in Aries: Do you want a new job, a promotion, or start an new business?  The energies of Moon in Aries are excellent for this.  You can also use this time to work on future plans, making new friends and expanding your own limitations.
Moon in Taurus:  Do you want to solidify your future plans, projects, or finalize a deal?  This is the best time to do so.  It is also a good time to take a general accounting of your finances and work on investments or savings plans (providing the Moon is not in the waning phase).


Moon in Gemini:  Would you like to take a trip, communicate better, or write poetry, a novel, etc.?  Focus your works on these things while the Moon is in this sign.  However, this is not a good time to make decisions.  You may find that you will change your mind within 48 hours of the Moon's transit through Gemini.

Moon in Cancer:Would you like to do some home repairs or improvements?  Are there family issues that need to be ironed out?  Would you like to become pregnant, or is there someone who is that has asked for your help?  These are the energies to use.  This is also a good time to have special family gatherings or events surrounding your home.


Moon in Leo: Do you want to have a more active social life?  Would you like to increase your creativity?  Do you have special requests concerning children?  The Leo Moon energies will help in this area.  This is also a good time to get a new look for your hair.


Moon in Virgo:  Do you feel the need to become more grounded, organized, or increase your analytical abilities?  Virgo energies can help you accomplish this.  This is also an excellent time for healings and helping others (with their permission of course).


Moon in Libra:  Do you feel the need to become more balanced in some area of your life?  Do you need help in order to see another person's viewpoint?  Would you like help in legal matters or where justice in concerned?  This is the best time to work on these things.

 Moon in Scorpio:  Do you want to increase your psychic abilities.  Would you like to attune your new divinatory tools to your own vibrations?  Use these tools during Scorpio Moon days to accomplish this.  Now is a good time to work on old "programming" that is getting in your way.  The energies of a Scorpio Moon enable a "rebirth" to take place.


Moon in Sagittarius:  Do you need a "spiritual breakthrough"?  Would you like to go on a vision quest?  How about continuing your education?  These are all things that can be more readily accomplished using Sagittarius Moon energies.


Moon in Capricorn:  Do you want a promotion?  Do you want more recognition in your career?  Do you need more money?  Work with the Capricorn Moon to accomplish things of this nature.  These are excellent energies to give you more tenacity and perseverance.


Moon in Aquarius:   Do you want to help the human "family" as a whole?  Would you like to help our Mother Earth through these difficult times of transition?  An Aquarius Moon is the ideal time for works of this nature.  This is also an excellent time to get electronic equipment and new technology (except during a Mercury Retrograde).  However, please use extra effort in exercising good judgment because these energies can be erratic as well.


Moon in Pisces:   Would you like to improve your memory?  Do you have problems with your feet?  Would you like to write a new piece of music?  A Pisces Moon vibrates energy to help you accomplish this.  However, be careful that you do not deceive yourself or get deceived by another during this time.


Some Final Notes

While using Lunar energies in the proper phase and sign is said to produce the most optimum results, the urgency of a need or circumstance must be taken into account.  There are times when life just doesn't seem to cooperate with the flow:  we may fail to prepare properly, or a circumstance catches us off guard and we have to take appropriate actions.  If you or someone who has asked you for your help, needs an immediate healing, has an urgent financial need, or there is a situation that requires immediate action, by all means, do it!  Don't let yourself become discouraged or get bound up by tradition - the most important consideration here is to meet your problem head on and do what you can to resolve it.
If you have things to accomplish that do not require immediate action, use this information to plan ahead and prepare for using the Lunar Energies at their most optimum time.