The Witch's Mirror

  The witch's mirror can be used in several different ways.

1.  One of the most common is to use it for scrying, or seeing into the future.  This is done pretty much like using a crystal ball.

2.  Communicate psychicly with someone who has passed on, or a living person that you want to contact.

3.  Use the mirror as a meditation aid, focusing on the mirror helps to clear the mind and make meditation easier.

4.  Help contact Spirit Guides

5.  Help you focus on your own inner Spirit.

    The simpliest mirrors are ones that are made by taking a piece of glass, spray painting it black and placing this inside a wooden box.  Below are the instructions for making one.


A piece of glass
The traditional mirror was made from a round piece of glass (if you are lucky you might find an old clock and use the glass cover from the dial).  However, the size and shape of this is a matter of choice.

A wooden box
The size and shape of your wooden box will be determined by the piece of glass you choose.  Ideally, you should have one that allows you to set your piece of glass inside and have at least a one inch depth.

High Gloss black spray paint


    To make the basic mirror, you simply paint one side of the glass and the inside of the box with the black spray paint and mount the glass  inside the wooden box.

Now those are the BASIC instructions and things needed.  However, if you are like me, you don't want to stop at just that.  This can be such a fun and beautiful project with some imagination and a few craft supplies.  This mirror should actually be a reflection of you in some way.  I chose to make mine out of a picture frame box that had a hinged lid that I found,  Here is where I gave myself creative license.  The frame was 8"X10" and rectangular (even though round was the traditional shape for the glass I found the possiblities of use for the frame box too much to resist.)  I painted the glass with the black spray paint, lined the inside of the box with black velvet, and decorated the outside framework with symbols that were significant to me with silver art paint.  Remember I said I found the possibities of use were too tempting?  Well when I want to communicate with someone I have a picture of (or some other tag-lock) I put it inside the box, close the lid and concentrate on contacting that person.  Of course this is done strictly with candle light.  Anytime you use your mirror you should be within your circle of protection anyway because this can act as a doorway between the worlds.
    If you would like to order one of my picture frame boxes just click on our little wise woman and she will take you to our store and scroll down to the MAGICAL BUBBLES section.  Otherwise, enjoy making your own mirror and spend some time individualizing whatever you choose.