There are times in everyone's life when things seem to be going very wrong.  Perhaps the problem with your relationship with your significant other, your children, your job, or your finances.  At these times you may find yourself feeling like everything you try to do isn't working; not even your magick to help the situation.  This is one of those times when being a Solitary Practioner can be hardest on your spirituality.  We all gain strength and moral support from those around us who believe in us, love us, and share a common faith.  When you have no one to talk to about your "lack of effectiveness" in doing a spell to change your situation, you will just automatically assume that you somehow screwed something up.  You might begin to lose confidence in your ability to cast spells, or even lose faith in your choice of spirituality.  This is when you really need a High Priestess or someone with more practicing experience to go over things with you and offer some advice or suggestions.  Well, I can offer some advice to you, based on my experiences, both positive and negative.

I had a friend who developed a lead foot after she got her driver's license.  She continued to get speeding tickets and, even though she was spending a small fortune on fines and her lawyer, she continued to speed.  After so many appearances before the same judge, he finally told her that if she appeared before him one more time, he was going to give her 6 months in jail and suspend her license.  Well, she got another speeding ticket and she was due to appear before that same judge.  She did a spell the night before court and the judge was called away the next day.  She got off with that one, but a few days later, she fell in a hole in her yard and broke her ankle so badly that she was in a wheel chair for six months and she had screws sticking out of her leg for 3 of those months.  Yes her spell worked on getting her out of the ticket and the possible jail time, but she didn't stop speeding, so the Powers That Be stopped her before she hurt herself or an innocent person on the road.  Remember, there is a price for every spell you cast.

I had a woman come to me one day and ask me if I would help her get her husband back.  She told me that he was having an affair with a younger woman at work and that this was not his first affair.  I asked her why she would even want him back, but she insisted that she knew he loved her and she wanted her children to have their father.  I told her what she could do as far as burning a candle and so forth.  Several months went by and she stopped in to tell me that she was filing for a divorce because he had come back home and immediately got involved with their new neighbor.  She finally realized that no amount of spell work was going to change him.

If you do a spell for more money, remember that it won't drop down from the sky, you will most probably have to work extra overtime or something in order to get it.  Magic will only provide the opportunity for you.

Never do spell work when you are angry.  I cannot stress this enough.  The Universe works on energy, not words.  Every emotion you have produces energy and when you are feeling any kind of negative energy you don't want that magnified and sent out.  Perhaps you might feel that someone deserves it, but it is ultimately coming back to you three-fold.  It's far better to wait until you are calmer and centered to attempt any magick because it reduces the chances of something backfiring in your face.

Never do spell work for anyone unless they ask you to.  On that same line, never do spell work that you feel is in the "best interest" of someone else.  We may feel that we know what is best for those we care about, but we don't have the knowledge of what their path is or the steps they have to take along the way.  You cannot change anyone except yourself.  The God and Goddess do not interfere with the free will of anyone, and we aren't allowed to either.  That doesn't mean that we just have to stand by and watch someone ruin their life, we can speak to them, and even do something to help them open their eyes to what is happening to them, but we cannot cast a spell to make them change. 

I have found that when a spell I have cast doesn't produce the results I wanted it was because it would not have been in my best interests in the long run.  This is one of those things where we just don't have enough information or can't see far enough down the road to predict the eventual outcome and it's consequences.  For that reason I always end my spells with "So long as it harm none".  In that way I feel I am giving permission to the Powers That Be to act in my and others best interests.  This is putting my faith into action.Some spells take far longer that we would like in order to bring about the changes we want.  Just because we don't see immediate results, that doesn't mean it isn't working.  We are impatient creatures and time always seems so critical to us, but it's better that things move slowly and surely than something that is reckless and eventually causes harm.

As you progress with your studies and gain experience you will build your confidence.  That's why it is so important to continue, even if you feel like you aren't gaining ground.  You are because every small step leads you further down the path.