Absinthe:    Burn at midnight as an aid in calling up spirits.

  Acacia:  an aid in psychic development.

Aconite (Wolf'sbane, Monk's Hood) : Carry in a charm to protect you against werewolves, vampires, and all creatures of the night.

African Ginger:  Sprinkle in corners when working with spirits.

 African Mojo Bean Make a wish and throw bean in moving water.

 Agar Agar:  Place in water to keep evil spirits away.

Agrimony:  Carry to defeat any foe you may encounter.

 Ague Weed:  Burn to destroy an enemy's power over you.

Alder:  Mix with chopped onion and carry when gambling.

Alfalfa:  Keep small packet in cupboard to ensure against poverty.

Alkanet:  Wear in red bag around neck to protect from evil eye.

All Heal:  (Valerian Root) Carry to build the memory and strengthen the heart.

Allspice Boil and soak enemy's picture in solution to send the evil sent to you back to that person. Also used for luck and physical energy.

Almond:  Money and prosperity.

Aloes:  Scatter to the four winds to attract a lover.

Althea:  Burn in the home to attract good spirits.

Alum:  Rub on one you wish to bring closer to you.

Amber:  Comfort, happiness, love and protection.

Ambergris:  Divination, psychic dreams, and psychic energy.

Angelica:  Carry to ward of evil forces and to prolong life.

Angel's Turnip:  Carry in pocket or hang around neck for good luck.

Anise Seed:  Burn or add to incense as an aid to meditation.

Applewood:  Bury with a black candle and an image of an enemy to destroy their power over you.

Arabic Gum:  Carry for luck, or add to Fast Luck incense and burn.

Asafrand:  Place in a conjure bag to draw friends and lovers.

Asafetida:  Use to ward off colds and evil.

Aspidium:  To have visions of the future, mix with incense and burn.

Balm of Gilead:  Carry to protect from a broken heart.

Barberry:  Frees one from the power and control of another.

Basil:  Said to attract money and success, and to protect the body.

Bay Leaves:  Energy, purification, unhexing.  Place in each corner of every room for protection.

Bayberry:  Where there's bayberry, there's good luck and money.

Bearberry:  Burn with meditation incense to heighten psychic powers.

Bear's Foot:  Protects from all four-footed animals.

Benzoin:  Mix with protection incense and burn to destroy evil forces.  Blessing, business success, happiness, peace, and purification.

Bergamot:  Business success, happiness, money, peace, prosperity, protection.

Betel Nut:  Carry to increase one's mental and spiritual powers.

Beth Root:  Wear around the neck for good luck.

Betony:  Relieve toothache and gives protection from evil.

Bistort:  Said to attract great wealth to the possessor.

Bittersweet:  Place under pillow to aid in forgetting about a lost love.

Black Candle Tobacco:  Mix with salt and burn to win a court case.

Black Cohosh:  Brew into a tea and sprinkle to eliminate evil spirits.

Black Haw:  Rids one of curses when mixed with uncrossing incense.

Black Snake Root:  Carried to lead one toward money.

Bladderwrack:  Carry when traveling for a safe return.

Blazing Star:  Attracts fame, success and power where it is kept.

Blessed Thistle:  Boil and add to baths for many blessings.

Blood Root:  No evil should cross where this is sprinkled.

Blow Ball:  Carry in small red bag to make every wish come true.

Blue Cohosh:  Mix with fast luck incense to attract money.

Blue Flag:  Make a tea and rub it on your shoes to lead you to money.

Blueberry:  Toss on an enemy's property to cause confusion.

Boldo Leaves:  Strew in corners as a protection against dark magic

Brimstone:  Burn outside the home to dispel demons.

Broomtops:  Boil with salt and sprinkle to banish ghosts.

Buckthorn:  Tea made from this is said to remove warts.

Buffalo Herb:  A favorite of men who believe it increases strength.

Burdock:  Add to wash to clean and purify a room.

Burnet:  Burn and let the smoke permeate poppets for greater power.

Button Snake Root:  Make a tea and sprinkle to attract business.

Calamus:  A powerful controlling agent when rubbed on one's body.

Calendula:  Encourages prophetic dreams when placed in a pillow.

Canada Snake Root:  (Wild Ginger)  Increases or restores male vigor.

Cankerwort:  (Ragwort, Ragweed) Boil and place on a table when you wish spirits to appear.

Caraway Seed:  Wrap in a handkerchief for safe journey.

Carnation:  Health, love, luck, lust, and protection.

Carob:  Carry as a talisman against illness and disease.

Cascara Sagradra:  Carry to court to help win your case.

Cassia Bark:  Make a tea and add to wash water to purify any room.

Catnip:  Beauty, happiness, and peace. Business success, health, lust, magickal energy.

Cayenne:  Sprinkle in one's shoes that you want to move away.

Cedarwood:  Blessing, meditation, money, protection, purification, self-control, spirituality, and unhexing.

Celery Seed:  Burn with incense to attain great powers for casting spells.

Centuary:  Add to lamp oil and burn to experience psychic wonders.

Chamomile:  Wash hands in this before playing games of chance.

Cherrywood:  Burn to attract spirits of the dead to send messages.

Chewing John:  Carry in the pocket when looking for a job.

China Bean:  Lucky talisman for those who wish to make a change.

Chestnut:  Mighty aid for strength of mind, body, and spirit.

Chickweed:  To draw back a roaming lover, sprinkle on his clothes.

Cinnamon:  Business, success, health, luck, lust, magickal energy, meditation, money, prosperity, purification, and spirituality.

Cinquefoil:  Add to bath water to wash away crossed conditions.

Citronella:  Exorcism (outdoor use only), purification and unhexing.

Clover Tops:  Charms against black magic, demons, snakes, and bad spirits.

Cloves:  Business success, courage, divination, exorcism, healing. love, money, prosperity, protection.

Cohosh:  Wash bedposts with this tea to encourage sexuality.

Colic Root:  Wrap in black cloth and bury near the doorway of an enemy to make him move away.

Colt'sfoot:  Sprinkle money with this for increasing one's wealth.

Comfrey:  stuff a green doll with this to draw money and luck.

Copal:  Exorcism, love, protection, purification, spirituality

Coon Root:  (Blood Root, Snakebite Root, Indian Paint): Burglars will  not enter the door if this is hung above it.

Coriander:  Healing and love.  Stuff into your mate's pillow to prevent wandering.

Corn Flowers:  Sprinkle in right shoe when seeking a new lover.

Couch Grass:  Sprinkle under the mattress to promote romance.

Cowslip:  A bit under the porch discourages visitors.

Cubeb Berries:  Carry to melt the coldest heart.

Cumin:  Blessings and peace.  Give to a lover to ensure faithfulness.

Curry:  Mix with Jinx Removing incense to drive away evil.

Cyclamen:  Love and marriage.

Cypress:  Blessing, comfort, consecration, healing, protection, purification, and spirituality.

Daisy:  Sprinkle in loved one's shoes to ensure fidelity.

Damiana:  An aphrodisiac, and carried to bring marriage.

Deer Eye:  Believed to make one irresistible to the opposite sex.

Devil's Tongue:  Men wrap this in a red bag and carry this to attract women.

Devil's Bit:  (Feverbush, Devil's Tree)  Worn around the neck to drive away evil.

Devil's Bond:  Carry to free one's self from pitfalls and temptations.

Devil's Eye:  Carry for sure protection against anyone doing black magic.

Devil's Shoestring:  Rub on hands and control any woman.

Dill:  Carried to counteract any spells attempted by sorcerers.

Dittany of Crete:  Burn with sandalwood incense to entice passion.

Dog Grass:  (Couch Grass)) Despair will leave wherever this is strewn every nine days.

Dog Rose:  Sew into a red bag and carry to assure safety always.

Dogwood:  Mix with salt and place by the bed for safe, restful sleep.

Dragon's Blood:  Consecration, courage, exorcism, magical energy, protection, and unhexing.

Dulse:  Place in home to ensure peace and tranquility.

Echinacea:  Burn to stimulate business and bring financial security.

Elder:  Quiets nerves and protects the home where this is kept.

Elm:  Bury with a yellow doll to stop slander against you.

Fennel:  Popular with voodooists as an aphrodisiac.  Also used to promote courage, longevity, and purification.

Fenugreek:  Used as a handwash to ward off possession by demons.

Flax Seed:  Sprinkle on steps to settle arguments between couples.

Frankincense:   Blessing, consecration, courage, exorcism, protection, purification, spirituality.

Gag Root:  Carry always so no one can speak ill of you.

Galangal:  Carry a piece to court for a favorable verdict.

Gardenia:  Health, love, peace, prosperity, protection, spirituality.

Garlic:  A potent charm against practitioners of dark magic when kept in the home.

Gentian:  Place in wallet to guard against pickpockets or robbers.

Ginger Root:  Attraction, business success, courage, love lust, magickal energy, money, peace, physical energy, prosperity, purification, sex.

Golden Bough:  Keep in purse or pocket when looking for love.

Golden Seal:  Brew into a tea and sprinkle in place of business to increase profits.

Grains of Paradise:  (Paprika) One of the most popular lucky charms.

Gravel Root:  Always carry with you when applying for a job.

Ground Ivy:  Sprinkle on enemy's property to defeat sorcery.

Heal All:  Promotes good health and improves the mind.

Heart's Ease:  Burn with lover's incense to strengthen love vibrations.

Helonias:  Keep in home to dispel depression, mania, and madness.

Hemp:  Worn as an amulet to make love grow stronger.

High John Root:  A powerful gambling charm for bigger winnings.  To gain victory in all situations.

Hibiscus:  To make a man be true, sprinkle this in his pockets.

Holy Herb:  Add to bath water for healing and protection.

Horse Chestnut:  Carried to help alleviate arthritis.

Horsetail:  Brings strength to the weak and repels evil forces.

Hyacinth:  Love, happiness, over-coming grief, peace and meditation.

Hyssop:  Recommended for the bath before doing occult work.

Honeysuckle;  (Goat's Leaves, Indian Arrowroot) To catch a liar, keep this in the room, the one who lied will cough soon after they have spoken.  Friendship and happiness.

Indian Tobacco:  (Vomitwort, Asthma Weed, Lobelia, Eyebright): Burn with peace incense to calm troubled ones.

Irish Moss:  Place under rugs for good fortune in the home.

Jalap:  Mix with incense and burn for winning in court.

Jasmine:  Attraction, love, meditation, peace, psychic awareness, sleep, sex, spirituality.  Add to Love Drops to heighten the oil's intensity.

Jezebel Root:  Others will be generous toward one who carries this.

Job's Tears:  Carry seven for good luck, or use for wishing.

Judas Tree Leaves:  Avoid betrayal from others by possessing these.

juniper:  Exorcism, purification, and protection.

Kava Kava:  Place in coffin to assist the soul on its journey.

Khus Khus:  Added to baths makes one irresistible to the opposite sex.

King of the Woods:  Brings confidence in times of great pressure.

King's Fern:  Those he meets should treat the possessor royally.

Kola Nuts:  Soothes the nerves and calms the mind.

 Ladie's Slipper:  (Valerian Root): Bury with a picture of a loved one to draw them to you.

Ladie's Thumb:  Love enters the doorway where this is strewn.

Laurel:  (Bay Laurel): Give to a bride to promote a long and happy union.

Lavender:  Business success, happiness, health, love, and peace.  To draw a lover near, wear some near the heart.

Lemon Verbena:  Brings success in the arts to those who carry it.

Licorice Root:  Mix with controlling incense for added power.

Licorice Stick:  Bury it near the home of one you wish to change.

Life Everlasting:  a charm against illness, and to prolong life.

Life Root:  Carried to prevent many diseases and to assure health.

Lilac:  Divination, exorcism, love, past life, peace, purification, wards off negativity.

Lily of the Valley:  Happiness and Peace.

Lint Bells:  A rival will lose interest if this is buried near their abode.

Little John:  Brings good fortune to all who carry it.

Lobelia:  Peace, quiet, contentment reigns where this is sprinkled.

Lotus:  Anointing, blessing, health, protection, spirituality.  encourages pleasant thoughts and memories to those who wear it.

Low John the Conqueror:  Wrap in a one-dollar bill to grow more money.

Lucky 7 Root:  Carry to prevent being hexed by strangers.

Magnolia:  Love, meditation, peace, psychic awareness.  Spread beneath a mattress for marital bliss.

Maiden Hair:  Said to bring grace, beauty and love.

Marjoram:   (Wild Potato): Powerful southern voodoo lucky charm.

Mandrake:  "Wonder of the world root", protects from all harm, powerful love herb.

Marigold:  Add to bath water to win respect and admiration from others.

Male Fern:  Women cannot resist the man who carries this herb.

Master-of-the-Woods:  Sprinkle for courage and protection.

Masterwort:  Sprinkle this whenever you wish spirits to appear.

Mastic Gum:  Adds potency and power to any incense.

May Apple:  Carry with your money and you'll never be broke.

Mate Leaves:  Ensures marital happiness when kept in the home.

Meadowsweet:  Love, luck, and psychic dreams.

Mint:  Witches and vampires avoid houses where this is kept.

Mistletoe;  Worn about the neck to keep evil away and attract love.  Also used in fertility rituals and spells.

Mojo Wish Bean:  Carry for 7 days to make a wish come true.

Mongo Beans:  Tie in a cloth and wear for constant protection.

Motherwort:  Applied as a compress to get rid of warts.

Mugwort:  Aids in astral projection when placed near the bed.  Also used to cleanse and consecrate scrying tools.

Mullein:  Used in the cauldron in casting spells and calling spirits.

Musk:  Attraction, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, protection, spirituality, unhexing.

Mustard Seed:  Legendary symbol of faith and for good luck.

Myrrh:  Used in many sacred oils, and incense.

Myrtle:  Much money enters the doorway across which this is strewn.

Narcissus:  Love and peace.

Neroli:  Attraction, courage, divination, love, prosperity, purification.

Nerve Root: (Valerian Root): Carry or keep in home to soothe and settle tensions.

Nettle:  Mix with goofer dust and sprinkle to remove stubborn spell.

Nutmeg:  Luck, magical energy, meditation, money.
Divination, happiness, joy, love, luck, magickal energy, and purification.

Oregano: Purification.

Orange:  Used in love charms and spells to attract the opposite sex.

Orris Root:  Healing and love.

Paprika:   Sprinkle a love doll weekly to add spice to your love life.

Passion Flower:   Strew around doorway to keep jealousy away.

Patchouli:   Attraction, banishes negativity, growth, love, luck, money, peace prosperity, sex, substitute for graveyard dirt.

Pearl Moss:  Good spirits prevail in the home where this is kept.

Peony:  Business success, luck, and prosperity.

Pennyroyal:  Protection and purification.

Peppermint:  exorcism, health, protection and purification.

Periwinkle:  Sprinkle on two lovers to arouse passion between them.

Pine:  Exorcism, grounding, healing, money, energy, protection, and purification.

Plumeria:  Love and peace.

Prickly Ash:  Powerful love charm when carried in a red flannel bag.

Primrose:  Sew into a child's pillow to ensure his truthfulness.

Psyllium:  Stuff these seeds in a red bag with your unwanted friend's photo, hide it away and you will not be bothered any longer.

Pumpkin Seeds:  To be free of an enemy's power, bury with the foe's name written backwards on parchment.

Pussywillow:  To keep a mate faithful, sprinkle in his or her shoes.

Queen Anne Root:  Gives a woman power over men; (or men carry it to protect themselves from evil women).

Queen of the Meadow:  Banishes ghosts and negative energies from where ever this is kept.

Queen's Root:  A bit in a bag at the bosom attracts a lover.

Raspberry:  Carry to ease pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

Rattlesnake Master:  Turns curses back to the one responsible.

Red Clover:  A charm against black magic and the evil eye.

Rose Buds:  Wear near the heart to attract men towards you.

Rosemary:  Exorcism, health, longevity, love, protective, remembrance, and vitality.

Rowan:  (Mountain Ash): Protects against black magic.

Rue:  Protects and brings love to the home.

Sacred Bark:  (Buckthorn): Said to protect the wearer against hex spells.

Sage:  Conscious mind, exorcism, money, purification, wisdom.  Protects one against all misfortune.

Sampson's Root:  Carry in a bag to regain male vigor.

Sampson's Snake Root:  Bury in red bag with enemy's hair to cut all powers that person may have over you.

Sandalwood:  Anointing, attraction, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, love, protection, purification, and spirituality.

Sassafras:  A good luck charm.  Add to any mojo bag.

Saw Palmetto:  Keep in the home to ward off all misfortune.

Skullcap:  Women wear to keep mate safe from other's charms.

Sea Salt:  Place on the face of a mirror on which you have put an image of a lover to force the sweetheart's return to you. Used to clean all magical implements.  Use in baths to get rid of negative energy.

Sesame Seed:  Draws opportunities for success in business or on the job.

Shameweed:  Sprinkle in his/her path to bring back an unfaithful mate.

Shepard's Purse:  Said to draw money, friends, and good luck.

Skunk Cabbage:  Used to repel evil forces.

Slippery Elm:  Sprinkle on voodoo doll and bury to stop gossip.

Smartweed:  Place in a conjure bag and carry to lead one to money.

Spearmint:  Stuff in pillow or mattress while sleeping to dispel bad dreams.

Spikenard:  Anointing, consecration, and meditation.

Star Anise:  A highly praised lucky talisman for any mojo bag.

Sweet Flag: (Sweet Myrtle, Calamus)   Keep in your kitchen to protect from poverty and hunger.  Bury some at the four corners of your home for good luck.

Sweet Pea:  Attraction, courage, friendship, happiness, and love.

Tansy:  Place near mate's clothes and he will remain with you.

Thyme:  Courage, health, and purification. Burn in the home to keep all in the house healthy.

Tonka Bean:  Carry for money.

Trefoil:  Mix with dill and vervain to make a potent hex breaker.

Trumpet Weed:  Sew into a red bag and wear to protect against accidents.

Tuberose:  Attraction, love, and peace.

Vanilla:  Love, lust, magical and physical energy, sex, vitality.

Verbena:  Blessing, love, and purification.

Vervain:  Wards off vampires, both psychic and blood sucking.

Vetivert:  Divination, exorcism, love, money, peace, protection, and unhexing.

Violet:  Divination, love and luck.  To have power over others wear a bit in each shoe.

White Oak:  Mix with hair clippings from both you and your mate to make your love endure.

Wild Yam:  Soak in rain water and wash your hands in this to increase your healing power.

Wild Cherry:  Mix with Lover's Incense and burn to entice a lover.

Yarrow:  Courage, exorcism, and love.

Ylang Ylang:  Love, lust, peace, and sex.