Below is a list of some of the gods and goddess of ancient Egypt.  The list is not complete and the descriptions are brief, but I hope this will give you a starting point for your studies.


Anubis:  Messenger from the Gods to humans.  God of embalming and tombs, protector of the dead, judge of the dead, god of the underworld, surgery, hospital stays, anesthesia, medicine, journeys, guardian against lower astral entities.


Bast:  Cat headed goddess; mother of all cats.  The cat was Egypt's most sacred animal but the black cat was especially sacred to Her in general, kept in Her temple and embalmed when the cat died.  To kill a cat meant a death sentence.  She was the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, benevolence, joy, jokes, sexual rites, music, dance, protection against disease and evil spirits, warmth, all animals (especially cats), intuition, healing, generosity, marriage.

Hathor:   Mother Goddess, mother of all gods and goddesses, Queen of Heaven, sky and moon goddess.  The mirror and cistrum were sacred to her.  Protectress of women, goddess of joy, love, pleasure, flowers, tombs, motherhood, beauty, marriage, the family.


Horus:  Falcon headed god, sun and sky god.  Lord of prophecy, god of war, revenge, justice, success, problem solving, the sun, music, the art, beautiful things, weapons, family, and home.


Isis:   Supreme Egyptian goddess; moon goddess, Great Mother, Great Goddess, Giver of Life, goddess of marriage and domestic life, motherhood, fertility, magic, purification, initiation, reincarnation, success, womanhood, healing, agriculture, protection.


Maat:   Maat stood in one part of the balance scale, opposite the heart of the deceased, when it was tested for truthfulness.  The heart had to be empty of evil to balance the featherweight on the scales.  She held a scepter and ankh.  Goddess of truth, right, justice, law, final judgment of human souls, order, divine order, reincarnation.


Mut:   A sky goddess who wore a vulture headdress, associated with the cow, cat, and lioness, her symbol was 3 cauldrons.


Neit:   The Huntress, goddess of war and of the hunt; the spirit behind the veil of mysteries.   Goddess of hunting, medicine, Protectress of women and marriage.


Nephthys:   Underworld goddess who represented life and death.  The dark sister of Isis.  Goddess of death and dark magick, guardian of hidden things, mystical things, protection, invisibility, intuition, dreams, peace.


Osiris:   Patron of priests, god of fertility, harvest, commerce, success, initiation, death and reincarnation, water, judgment, justice, agriculture, codes of law.


Ra:    Sun God, source of all light and life; destroyer of darkness, night, wickedness, evil.  Creator of heaven, earth, and the underworld.  God of agriculture, the sun, magick, prosperity, spells, rituals, destiny, right, and truth.


Sekhmet:   Dark sister of Bast, a lion-headed goddess.  She represented the destroying power of the sunlight.  Goddess of war and battle, physicians and bone setters.


Seth:  God of cruelty, evil, war and the underworld.  God of hunger and thirst on the desert, thunder, storm, suffering, revenge, cursing, death, dark magic, darkness, evil, destruction, chaos, and foreigners. 


Thoth:  Patron of priests, Supreme Magus, god of all magic, writing, inventions, the arts, divination, commerce, healing, initiation, music, prophecy, tarot, success, wisdom, medicine, astronomy, geometry, the moon.