The number one question that I get from new students is, "How do I choose my Gods and Goddesses?"  I wish there was some fast, easy answer to this question, but there truly isn't;  your choice of Gods and Goddesses is a very personal matter and you will have to do some serious research.  After all, these will be the God and Goddess that you will choose to worship, honor, and ask for their help when you need it.  You will have to select those deities that you feel comfortable with and can make an emotional connection to.  When I teach my students this is what I suggest:

·    If you feel drawn to a particular culture, such as Celtic or Egyptian, study the myths of these gods and goddesses.
·    If you really don't have a particular culture, please study as many as you can.  This will give you a good background basis from which to choose.
·    Do some tentative work with your deity choice and see if it feels comfortable.

I want you to remember that all gods are one God and all goddesses are one Goddess.  The mythology was born out of the culture they were created in.  The different gods and goddesses are simply different aspects of this oneness.