Apollo: Sun God, prophecy, music, healing, medicine, oracles, reason, inspiration, the art, magic.

Bacchus:  God of wine, good times, ecstasy, fertility, wild nature.

Bona Dea:  Fertility goddess.

Ceres: Goddess of crops, initiation, civilization, lawgiver, Protectress of women, motherhood, marriage.

Cupid:  God of love.

Diana:  Goddess of the wildwood, mountains, woods, the hunt, women, childbirth.

Faunas:  Horned God, protector of flocks and agriculture, bee-keeping, fishing, orchards, gardens, animals, fertility, nature woodlands.

Fortuna:  Goddess of Fate, oracles, chance, protectress of women married only once.

Hecate:  The Crone, snake goddess, Goddess of Witchcraft, patroness of dark magic, priestesses, charms and spells, vengeance, expiations, riches, enchantments, victory, wisdom, purification, prosperity, ends, destruction, choices.

Janus:  God of good beginnings, doorways, journeys, public gates, departure and return, harbors, communication, navigation, endings, success, the seasons.

Juno:  Protectress of marriage, the home, childbirth, renewal, purification, death, pain, punishment.

Jupiter:  Warrior god, protector of youth, the laws, justice, the weak.  Lord of clouds, rain, wind, thunder, mountain tops, lightening, the elements, agriculture, honors, riches, health, luck, friendship.

Luna:  Goddess of enchantments, love spells.

Maia:  Goddess of fertility.

Mars:  God of war and agriculture, spring, terror, anger, revenge, courage.

Mercury:  God of transport, thievery, cunning, success, magic, travel, profits, gambling, mischief, crossroads, athletes, eloquence, merchants, messages.

Neptune:  God of the Sea, storm god.

Pluto:  God of death and the underworld.

Saturn:  God of abundance and agriculture, earth's riches, prosperity, vines.

Venus:  Goddess of love, beauty, and the joy of physical love, fertility, renewal, herb magic.

Vesta:  Goddess of the hearth and fire.  Her priestesses were the virgins who kept the sacred fire of Rome always burning.  Goddess of domestic and ceremonial fires.

Vulcan:  God of the sun, thunderbolts, fire, battles, blacksmiths, thunder, volcanoes, jewelry making.