Aegir:  God of the sea, gold, prosperity, sailors, sunken treasure.

Aesir:  Warrior god, Keeper of the Dead.

Freyja:  Goddess of love, beauty, animals, sex, cats, childbirth, fire, horses, enchantments, witchcraft, gold, wealth, trances, wisdom, foresight, magic, luck, long life, fertility, death, and protection.

Freyr:  God of sensual love, fertility, growth, abundance, wealth, bravery, horses, boars, protector of ships and sailors, peace, joy, weather, plant growth.

Frija:  Goddess of independence, childbirth, cleverness, physical love, wisdom, marriage, children, fertility.

Hel:  Goddess of the dead, dark magic, revenge.

Holda:  Goddess of winter and witchcraft, fate, the arts, dark magic, revenge.

Loki:  God of earthquakes, fire, forest fires, cunning, wit, stealth, deceit, mischief, daring, agility, trickery, thieves, revenge, destruction, death, lies, evil, dark magic.

Odin:  God of runes, words of power, magic, divination, storms, wind, death, rebirth, justice, war, medicine, fate.

Thor:  Thunder God, god of strength, law and order, defense, goats, lightning, storms, weather, trading voyages, courage, trust, revenge, protection, war.