Aditi:  Mother of the Gods, the sky, the earth, the past and the future.

Agni:  God of fire, weather, storms, protector of the home, wealth, power, new beginnings, light, rebirth, immortality, justice, forgiveness, love, virility, mediator between gods and men.

Brahma:  Father of the gods and men, god of magic, wisdom, and knowledge.

Buddha:  Divine teacher, incarnation of Vishnu.

Chandra:  Moon God, psychic visions and dreams.

Devi:  Great Goddess, the most powerful of the goddesses.

Durga:  Divine Mother, goddess of death, destruction, ruin, comfort, help, power, nurturing, protection, defense.

Ganesha:  Lord of Obstacles, god of wisdom, good luck, literature, worldly success, prosperity, peace, beginnings, enterprises, journey, overcoming obstacles, taming dangerous forces.

Ganja:  Goddess of the river Ganges, purification.

Indra:  King of the gods, god of war, weather, fertility, lightning, sky, warriors, violence, reincarnation, strength, bravery, love sensual desire, personal intervention, law, magic power, seasons, opposition to evil, offerings.

Kali:  Dark Goddess, goddess of revenge, fear, dark magic, sexual activities.

Shiva:  God of fertility, physical love, destruction. strength, medicine, storms, warriors, long life, healing, magic, death, dance, judgment.

Vishnu:  Sun god, god of peace, power, strength, compassion. love, abundance, success, victory.