Adonis: God of rebirth and the seasons, love and beauty.

Aphrodite:  Goddess of love, beauty, the joy of physical love, sensuality, passion, generosity, all forms of partnerships and relationships, affection, fertility, continued creation, renewal.


Apollo: God of prophecy, poetry, medicine, oracles, healing, reason, inspiration, magic, the arts, divination, harmony, spiritual goals, gained through the use of the arts, ravens, earthquakes, woodlands, springs.


Ares: God of war, terror, uncontrolled anger, revenge, courage without thought, raw energy, brute strength, untamed passions.


Artemis:        Goddess of magic, sorcery, enchantment, psychic powers, women's fertility, purification, sports, exercise, the hunt, mental healing, dance, wild animals, forests, mountains, woodlands, medicine, healing.

God of healing.


Athena: Goddess of freedom and women's rights, craftsmen, ship builders, careers of women


Circe: Goddess of physical love, sorcery, enchantments, evil spells, vengeance, dark magic, witchcraft and cauldrons.


Cronos: God of abundance and agriculture, earth's riches, prosperity


Demeter: Protectress of women.  Goddess of crops, initiation, renewal, rebirth, agriculture, civilization, law, motherhood, marriage, maternal love, fidelity, magical philosophy, higher magic.


Dionysus:  God of pleasure, ecstasy, woodlands, nature, wine, initiation, rituals, regeneration.


Gaia:  Motherhood, agricultural fertility, marriage, dreams, trances, divination, oracles, healing.


Hades:  God of crops, minerals, spring water, gemstones, material gain, the underworld.


Hecate: The Crone, goddess of witches, the waning moon, dark magic, prophecy, charms and spells, vengeance, averting evil, enchantments, riches, victory, wisdom, transformation, reincarnation, incantations, purification, prosperity, destruction, limits, ends, choices, crossroads, curses, destructive storms, change, renewal, regeneration.

Hera: Goddess of protection of the home, marriage, children, and all phases of feminine life.


Hermes:  God of good luck and fortune, all kinds of profit, commerce, transport, thieves, liars, orthodox medicine, occult wisdom, astronomy and astrology, magic, speed, intelligence, journalism. 

Hestia: Goddess of circles, discipline, dedication to duty, humility, modesty, prudence, acceptance, service to others.

Pan:  Ruler of all nature spirits, god of male sexuality, animals, fertility, woodlands, gardening, healing, plants, music, dance.

Persephone:Goddess of winter, overcoming obstacles.
Poseidon: God of the seas and earthquakes.


Selene:  Moon Goddess
God of the sky and heaven.


Zeus:  God of all high things, clouds, rain, wind, thunder, lightening, mountaintops, wisdom, justice, the law, honor, riches, health, luck.