The first time I saw the new golden dollar I just knew it would be a perfect coin for money for money or prosperity spells.  To begin with, it is a shiny golden color which is a perfect color for attracting these things.

On the front of the coin there is a beautiful Native American woman - a people who never lost their connectedness to the Earth Mother.  She is the symbolic stand in for the woman who acted as guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition.  When I look at this woman on the coin I feel she represents the Spirit of the ancient Native mothers and grandmothers trying to lead to lead all of us out of the centuries of patriarchy and back home to the ways of matriarchy.  The baby in the papoose on her back sleeps peacefully as she looks back at us, making sure we are keeping up.  The mint year of 2000 symbolizes the beginning of the new millennium - the millennium of woman and a return to the power of femininity.

When you turn the coin over you see the majestic eagle, wings spread wide and soaring through a circle of stars.  It's almost as if the eagle speaks directly to us that the spirit of woman and Goddess are now free to soar once again. With this coin so rich in symbolism for the power of femininity and prosperity it could be a talisman for any girl or woman to keep close to her.         

Moon Phase:  waxing
Moon sign:  Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Day of week:  Sunday
Time of day:  Sunrise

Items Needed:
1 white candle
1 yellow or gold candle
1 green candle
1 (or more) golden dollars
1 small box to symbolize a treasure box
Oil for anointing candles and coin(s).  This could be prosperity, money drawing, pine, clove, or patchouly oil.
Incense which could be pine, bayberry, clove, money, prosperity, or patchouly.
Herbs could be pine needles, whole or ground cloves, or any reasonable substitute.
Some magnetic sand, or a small magnet.

Have all the above items gathered together and on your altar before you begin.  When you are ready to begin, declare Sacred Space.
Anoint the three candles with the money oil and light them.
Place the small treasure box between the yellow and green candles.  Put the magnetic sand or magnet and the herbs in the bottom and sprinkle a few drops of oil on the inside as well.

Hold the golden dollar in your strongest hand and chant your request over and over until you feel you have built enough of a charge into the coin.  Remember to make your chants short but exact.  This keeps you from being distracted by having to look at a piece of paper.  One other thing to remember; don't limit your spell.  If you need $20 request $20 or more. That way you don't put a limit on what will come to you.

Once you feel your coin has been sufficiently charged, place it in the treasure box and allow the candles to burn out.  After your ritual is over, leave the box on your altar to do it's work.  As I said earlier, this can be repeated every day during the waxing moon as long as you have another golden dollar to add to the box.