If you should ever get your hands on an ancient spell book where would you find ingredients such as "bat's wing", or "the ear of an ass"?  Well, never fear, here is a list of what those archaic names really means.  In olden times these names were used as a code to protect the secrecy of the ingredients.

Adders Tongue: Plantain
Bats Wing: Holly Leaf
Bats Wool: Moss
Blood: Elder Sap
Bloody Fingers: Foxglove
Blue Jay: Bay Laurel
Brains: Gum from a Cherry tree
Bulls Blood: Horehound
Cat: Catnip
Corpse Candles: Mullein
Dog: Couchgrass
Dragons Scales: Bistort Leaves
Ear of an Ass: Comfrey
Ears of a Goat: St Johns Wort
Eyes: Daisy
Fingers: Cinquefoil
Frog: Cinquefoil
Hair: The Unexpanded frond from a male fern
Hawk: Hawkweed
Heart: Walnut
Lamb: Lettuce
Lions Tooth: Dandelion
Lizard: Calamint
Nightingale: Hop
Rat: Valerian
Skin of Man: Fern
Skull: Skullcap Mushroom
Snake: Bistort
Teeth: Pine Cones
Toad: Sage
Tongue of Dog: Hounds Tongue
Urine: Dandelion
Weasel: Rue
Woodpecker: Peony
Worms: Thin Roots

Body Parts

The Eye: Inner part of a blossom
The Paw Foot Leg Wing or Toe: The leaf
The Guts: The roots and stalk
The Privates: Seed
The Hair: Dried stringy herbs
The Tail: Stem
The Head: Flower
The Tongue: Petal
The Heart: A bud or seed